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December 13, 2013

NICL AO Exam Descriptive Test Study Materials

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Friends, we have already posted descriptive paper study materials for NICL AO Exam. But we came to know that many of our friends are facing problems to locate them. So we are re-posting them here. Before going into details, lets have a quick analysis of the descriptive paper of NICL AO Exam. This paper consists of three sections. Those are,
  1. Comprehension
  2. Essay
  3. Precis writing
Now lets have a look at the questions asked in September month's NICL AO Exam.

Morning Shift :
  • Comprehension : You have to read the given comprehension and should answer the questions. The topic given was Manual scavengers.
  • Essay Topics :
    • The changes mobile phones have made in communication (Mobile communication revolutions)
    • The privatizing insurance companies. 
  • Précis writing : About Indian theaters.
Shared by Dhivya Yuvraj
Evening Shift :
  • Paragraph 
  • Essay topics : 
    • Internet and ways of communication through it 
    • Political stability in India
  • Précis writing : Three important Swiss customs for tourists to know deal with religion, greeting, and punctuality. (subject development) The Swiss people are very religious, and Sunday is their holy day. On Sunday, people rarely work in the garden, in the house, or even on the car. Foreign tourists should know that the most drugstores, supermarkets, and banks are closed on Sunday. The Swiss are also a formal people. For example, they seldom call acquaintances by their first names; the German “Herr” and French “Monsieur” are much more frequently used in Switzerland than the English “Mister” is used in the United States. A tourist should therefore say either “Herr” or “Monsieur” when greeting an acquaintance, and only use the person’s first name if he is a close friend. In addition, Switzerland is the land of watches and exactness. It is important to be on time to parties, business, meetings, and churches because Swiss hosts, factory bosses, and ministers all love punctuality. It is especially important for tourists to be on time for trains: Swiss train conductors never wait for late arrivers. 
 Shared by Shifali Duggal
Hope you have got a clear idea on the nicl descriptive test pattern. 

Now lets check the study materials :

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