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December 02, 2013

Laser Printer - Introduction

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Friends, we have already discussed about the Introduction of Printers along with its types Dot Matrix and Line Printers. Today we shall discuss about Laser Printers. Laser Printer is a non-impact printer which uses electrostatic or optical methods for printing. These are page printers and their printing rates are very high. Laser printers are capable of printing about 10 to 30 pages per minute. Laser printers are quiet and produce a high-quality output.

A laser printer looks like a photocopier machine. It differs from a photocopier in the sense that instead of working photographically from a printed document as in a photocopier, the laser printer uses a laser beam to create the image. 

Laser Printer
The laser printer uses a laser diode to write information on to a drum coated with photo sensitive material. Printing is achieved by reflecting laser beam on to the photo sensitive surface of the drum. The latent image attracts the toner to the image areas. The toner is then electorstatically transferred to the paper and fixed into a permanent image. Rollers and heaters are used to fuse the ink on the paper.

The resolution of laer printer rangers from 300 dpi (dots per inch) to 1600 dpi. These printers are relatively costly but are becoming very popular because of the quality, speed and noiseless operations.

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