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November 06, 2013

Tips to Solve Statement-Assumption Problems of Reasoning Section - Lesson 2

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Friends, this is the Lesson 2 of Statement Assumption problems of Reasoning. So before reading this, please read the lesson 1 here. In lesson 1 we have discussed 4 important techniques to solve statement-assumptions problems. Here goes the 5th technique

5.  Course of Action : Sometimes you are given a fact / report / data / observation. Following this is a suggested course of action. As you know, a suggestion is nothing but an advice. Further, when a person gives an advice, he (at least) thinks that 
  • there exists a situation that an advice is necessary and that,
  • this advice will bring in some improvement. 'thus, for example, if I mention an observation that "my brother is weak in English" and then observe that "He need to concentrate more on English"; I must be assuming that
    • My brother being weak in English is not a good thing (that's the reason why I'm not feeling good and giving him an advice) and
    •  More concentration will improve the situation. Lets have a look at another example.
  • Example : 
    • statement : In our public sector units, the working atmosphere can only be described as indisciplined and uncoordinated. Therefore, some harsh disciplinary actions need to be
    • valid assumptions :
      1. The working atmosphere of our public sector units is not ideal / needs improvement.
      2. Indiscipline and lack of coordination are undesirable in any industry.
      3. Taking harsh disciplinary action would improve the working atmosphere of our public sectors.
      4. The benefits outweigh the disadvantages (if any) of taking harsh disciplinary actions.
      • Similarly, you may contemplate and evaluate the assumptions if any positive aspect of X is mentioned and a course of action Y is suggested. The logic will be exactly on the same lines.
6. Advertisements / Notices / Appeals : In the examinations of today, the statements are usually in the form of an advertisement or an official notice or a notice issued in public interest or an appeal.

I assume that you can appreciate that advertisements are usually given by firms / companies, official notices within an office, appeals by governments or voluntary organizations and public interest notices by government or government bodies. In all these cases the following assumptions will be considered valid,
  1. An advertisement / appeal / notice does have some effect.
  2. In case of an advertisement, that which is being highlighted is looked for and expected by the people.
  3. In case of a public-interest notice, it is the duty of those who issue it, to issue such notices (those no smoking ads etc)
  4. In case of a public interest notice, what is being advised must be beneficial for people and its not-practice harmful in some way.
  5. In case of an appeal, the reason for issuing it exists (you can determine the reason using your common scence).
  6. In case of an official notice, the effect of its implementation will be beneficial for the organization.
  • Example :
    • Statement : Use our cream, it will make you look like Katrina Kaif.
    • Valid Assumptions :
      • The advertisement will have some effect on those who read it.
      • People will expect that they look good.
    • Statement : Smoking is injurious to health and it may cause cancer.
      • Valid Assumptions :
        • This notice will be read by all smokers
        • Smoking is not good for health
And last but not the least.... remember friends, Assumptions are never exclusive of one another. I mean, if they give you the choice "either of them is implicit", in 99.99 cases it is wrong. So better never choose this option.

That's all for now friends. Now lets have a look at some example problems on Statement-Assumption here.

Bhavya Vasudevan
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