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November 13, 2013

Multiprocessing - A Detailed Explanation

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Friends, in our last post we have discussed about Multiprogramming. That means one CPU handling different programs according to its convenience. We call it as interleaved execution. That means the CPU acts according to its free time. There is NO parallel processing. But what if we want to execute two or more programs at the same time ? Which you can't do with a single CPU ? Simple.. You just add some additional CPUs. Right? Thats it? This is called Multiprocessing or Parallel Processing. 

Multiprocessing Systems have two or more CPUs, which have the ability to execute two or more programs simultaneously. Instructions from several and independent programs are carried out by different CPUs at the same time. Multiprocessing systems can be designed in number of ways. In some systems several small CPUs are inter linked to perform the major processing. If one of the CPUs fail, another takes over and carries on with the Processing.

Advantages of Multiprocessing :
  1. Multiprocessing improves systems efficiency
  2. It also results in more efficient use of hardware resources other than the CPU.
  3. High reliability of the system is ensured.

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