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October 26, 2013

Reviews / GA Questions of Today's (26-10-2013) IBPS PO Online Exam - Evening shift:


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Review Shared by Suresh Kumar

Today's IBPS PO evening exam was really tough to compare previous years PO exam.. time consuming questions were asked in quantitative as well as reasoning section, IBPS playing with us by doing this... i am really unhappy about the exam... could not answer even for 100 questions.. how can a student like me pass this exam with out going to coaching classes? really horrible experience.. IBPS should think about it...

Review Shared by Anonymous Friend   
Difficulty level of today`s exam was above expected level here is the review about every subject maths-very time cosuming try to find easy di part it consist in four parts means 20 question two di was easy one is very difficult and one is of moderate level the di part was not tricky but more calculative and question was around 10 from each chapter 5 question for inequality and 5 of numer series that was very time consuming my suggestion for future aspirants that practice more on maths on calculation part and practice more on difficult to difficult di reasoning-this part was relatively easy but u can not attend more than 35 as it was time consuming there was one input very tough,syllolism very easy,inequality,puzzle was like this -a circle in that one is facing centre and other seven were facing outside eng- easy but lengthy gk- it was moderate as many new unseen question were there computer was easy so my suggestion is to touch 25 questions per section from Apti and Reasoning sections.

Questions Shared by Anjali Kansal

1. Writer of LIFE OF PIE
2. priority sector based question
3. current msf
4. WTO head
5.  NEFT maximum limit
6. question on core banking solution
7. deep discount bond feature
8. DICGC maximum amount insured
9. International Children Peace Price 2013
10. Who announced the retirement from tennis in october 2013
11. Which bank has headquarter in Bengaluru
12.Director of the movie LUNCHBOX
13. One question on Prithvi-2
14. One question on UIDAI
15.12th Five year plan
16.  One question on NBFC
17. One question on Truncated cheques
18. Currency Swap Arrrangement b/w India and Japan
19. Record made by indian women players by winning bronze medal first time in    which sport in 2013
20. One question was on AAMIR KHAN-SATYAMEV JAYATE

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  1. 1. Full Form of IBSA?- India, Brazil, South Africa
    2. Who has directed the Bollywood film The Lunchbox?- Ritesh Batra
    3. According to 2011 census which state has highest Rural Population?- Himachal Pradesh
    4. Which tennis player has retired in August 14, 2013?- Marion Bartoli
    5. Who is the Head of WTO?- Robert Azevedo
    6.msf 9%
    7. minimum daily maintenance of the cash reserve ratio from 99% of the requirement to 95%.
    8. limit of SB account of senior citizen

    1. can u post some of the aptitude questions?

  2. Todays ppr not for us its for Rajnikant Einten or Hawkins level, jb select ni krna tha to bta dete itna tough dene ki kya jrurt thi hmre future s khilwad kia gya h....

    Admin...Plz give us some idea regarding sectional n overall cutoff

  3. How the cut-off will be decided by ibps though in each session/date the difficulty level is different?

  4. thanks alot sir,, god bless you.,,,

  5. 1 - Yann Martel's
    2 - Some areas or fields in a country depending on its economic condition or government interest are prioritized and are called priority sectors.
    3 - 9%
    4 - Geneva, Switzerland
    5 - no limit
    6 - there is a lot of qns in CBS like Internet and information technology
    7 - zero-coupon bond
    8 - 100000/-
    9 - Malala Yousafzai
    10 - David Nalbandian
    11 - canara bank
    12 - Yusuf Khan
    13 - Prithvi-II missile with a strike range of 350 km from a test range at Chandipur(odisa)
    15 - 2012-17
    18 - Bilateral Currency Swap Agreement more than treble their currency

    more qns are confusion anjali Kansal

  6. if you continue with such things. everything will be easy.not to worry. hope for best

  7. thank you for giving questions hope it wll help on 9th

  8. Two long comprehension passages in English!!! it was too annoying and time taking!!! couldnt attempt the other sections properly cz of it!!
    Suggestion: Attempt 50% frm all sections first then go on to others..

  9. There was not even one calculation question in quantitative and series was god knows what!

  10. Gujjr lal modi award
    ceo of Fairfax
    imf prediction gdp -3.8
    1st cyber forensic lab- tripura
    indian junior women bronze medal related one question
    Dax- germany's Index
    CAD -30 month lowest
    Credit Default Swap
    Rastriya Krishi Vikas Yojna Alloted amt 9954cr

  11. one more ... who won gujar mal modi award for sci n tech?... vinod prakash sharma

  12. Questions were really tough and time adding some qns here
    1. Ftp fullform..
    2. Short key to save a file.
    3. Which not supported in notepad.
    4. Touch pad is present in - tablet,keyboard,laptop...
    5. Ansi full form
    6. Which is not a programming language - basic,cobol,html,--
    (forgot remaining options)...

    1. 1.File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
      2.CTRL+s --save
      5. American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
      6.HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the main markup language for creating web pages and other information that can be displayed in a web browser.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. 1)file transfer protocol
      2) Ctrl+s
      5)American National Standards Institute

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. 18.bilateral currency swap between India and japan increased from 15 to 50 crores....
    11. Actually Vijaya bank got its head quarters in Bangalore.
    8. DICGC LIMIT for deposits is 1lakh rupees......

    1. DICGC LIMIT has been raised from 1 lakh to 5 lakh.

  15. 26th oct noon session exam was too difficult to solve in 2 hrs.. If 30 min give more time it'ld sufficient time to that hard paper.. I attempted 117 questions with 80% accuracy.. But it was not correct way of conducting exam for banking aspirants.. there is no exact pattern of english paper.. Reasoning was quite easy 4 me maths was too lengthy i just saw only 20 questions only GA was ok.. Computers was quite easy as i am a MCA Student.. Overall the paper was tough. I am not getting any idea 4 qualifying.. Please any one who sure about the expected cut-off marks for this exam..

  16. Jst i hv given a exam of morning shift of 27 it was horrible cant expected such difficult level

  17. Reasoning is not Easy in 26th Evening shift and maths is like hell in this Exam

  18. How Can a person will write 30 Questions each of Aptitude and Reasoning in 70 mins with accuracy?

    1. kya malum kese kiye h isne insan hai kya robot............

  19. For the well being of Masses :

    My suggestions are as follows: In math and reasoning more or less same. difficulty level is ok but too much time consuming. For solving 25 in each section reasoning and maths need of 75 min at least. so strategy should be like that . devote ur 5 min to find out which qn we can attempt in stipulated tym . so go through all qns of maths and reasoning in first 5 to 7 min (never think this is wasting of tym) and mark all that qn for review. and solve the same within ur allocated tym (shouldnt be 75 min.). english and ga -:pretty easy if u understand english properly. ga all qns came to last 4 months PD

    best of luck guys

    wish me luck i attempted only 12 in maths and total around 120:

    Thanks to all !

  20. i did total 102 questions with 90% accuracy.will i have any chance to get interviw call

  21. Paper was really surprizing..

  22. my suggestion is to concentrate on aptitude section. remaining you can definitely do well.

  23. Guys don't think much about the exam.its past now..concentrate on studies again with new enthusiasm ..n have positive hope..coz hope sustains life..all the best to all..

  24. can u please refer me the book for banking,finance,capital market,economy...and can you tell me the cutoff for ga in ibps po rrb exam 2013.?

  25. i have attempted oly 88 questions....14 questions in maths.....i had confident bf exam that i could succeed since i lost last ibps with 3 marks...but my dream shattered..i could nt bear this.

  26. what will be the cutoff of maths section? i had done 10 questions with 100% accuracy


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