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September 29, 2013

IBPS RRB Clerk / Office Assistants Exam 29/09/2013 Morning Shift General Awareness Questions


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Friends, here are the questions asked in today's (29th September 2013) IBPS RRB Clerks / Office Assistants (Morning Shift) exam shared by our friends Mr. Sanjay Goyal, Narendra Reddy and Nicklesh Javaji . We thank them on behalf of our readers and team members and wish them great success in the exam. All the Best
Review and Questions shared by Sanjay Goyal

Hello friends this is sanjay goyal appeared in today's 29 sep rrb office assistant exam in morning shift today's paper was easy as compared to officer scale 1 held on 21 sep as i also appeared in that.
my attempts are-
reasoning -35
numerical- 35
GA-      39
hindi-   40
computer was very easy also hindi was easy, ga was of moderate
difficulty level of numerical ability and reasoning was also easy but
little time consuming. i am expecting 155+ marks in this exam.
thank you

Some of the question from GA section from today's exam are-

1)world human rights day - 10 december
2)pm rajyasabha seat from which state- assam
3)argentina's parliament name- national congress
4)air force chief- a k brownie
5)bharat nirman- irrigation
6)imf headquarter- washington dc
7)asean fullform- association of south east asian nation
8)rajiv gandhi khel ratna- ranjan sodhi
9)best film wholesome entertainint- vicky donor
10)chief justice of india- p sathshivam
11)one question on shushil kumar solanky(wrestler)
12)bakreshwar thermal power plant-west bengal
13)bangladesh pm- zil ur rehman
14)russian president -vladimir putin
15)unicef fullform- united nation children emergency fund
16)one ques on scheme for unemployed youths
17)boxer who got arjun award -
18)writer of harry potter- jk rowling
19)capital of portugal- lisbon
20)currency of belgium - euro
21)who won wimbledon 2013- andy murray
22)country that recently joins eu-iceland
23)usain bolt represent which country- jamaica
24)indian badminton league teams- banglore and pune
25)author of godan- munshi premchand
26)river flows from maansarover lake in tibet- brahmputra
27)which of these is used for crude oil- brent
28)capital of nagaland- kohima
29)nagarjun dam on which river- krishna river

Some more questions from Banking. I don't remember them exactly. All the Best.

Questions shared by Narendra Reddy

1.       Human Rights day – Dec10

2.       Dronacharya Award For Boxing 2013 – Mahavir Singh

3.       Chief Justice – P Sathasivam

4.       Wimbledon 2013 Men’s Singles winner – Andy Murray

5.       Barkeswar Thermal Project in – West Bengal

6.       Opposition Leader in Rajya Sabha -  Arun Jaitly

7.       Chief of Air Staff- AK BROWNE

8.       UNICEF Abbreviation – United National Children’s Fund

9.       Minister of Petrolium & Natural gas – Veerappa Moily

10.   President of Bangladesh – Abdul Hamid

11.   Kohima is the Capital of – Nagaland

12.   Export finance institution established to enhance the exports – ECGC

13.   Whole some entertainment movie 2012 in national awards – Vicky Donar

14.   Nagarjuna sagar dam in which river – Krishna

15.   Abbreviation of ASEAN – Association of southeast asian nations

16.   Headquarters of IMF – Washington DC

17.   Viswanadan Anand associated with – Chess

18.   Credit linked subsidy program – Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme

19.   ‘Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire’  Book Written by – JK Rowling

20.   Manmohan Singh is MP of Rajya sabha From – ASSAM

21.   Brent Prices are Quoted for – Crude Oil

22.   Portugal Capital – Lisbon

23.   Korak Sun Temple in Which State – Orissa

24.   Lender of Last Resort – RBI

25.   Rajiv Khel Ratna RAJAN SINGH SODHI associated with – Shooting

26.   Country Joined in EU on 1st July 2013 is – Croatia

27.   Uain  Bolt is from Which Country – Jamica

28.   In IBL , in a total of 6 teams one is Delhi , two from the following are – PUNE and Bangalore

29.   Oscar 2013 best film is -  ARGO

30.   Belgium Currency – EURO

31.   GDP Per captia is Calculated by Dividing GDP with – Citizens of the Coutry ( Answers are Similar)

32.   Bharth Nirman asscociated with 6 objectives 5 are given find the 6th One

33.   Russia President- PUTHIN

34.   % of PWD Beneficiaries of National Rural Livelihood Mission – 3%

35.   GODAN novel written by PREMCHAND

36.   Sushil Kumar Solanki Related to – Wrestling

37.   Argentina’s Assembly is known as – National Congress

38.   Dun & Bradstreet Award2013  to the Private bank – HDFC

39.   2009 Loksabha Election Number – 15th

40.   Which river Originating From Manasarovar -  Brahmaputra

Questions shared by Nicklesh Javaji

 1.Rajyasabha me bipakash minister
2.Purtgal ki rajdhani
3.Badmintan lige ke team india me
4.Sushil kr solanki kis khel se h
5.Chief of Airforce
.Usyan volt kaha se h
7.Argentina ka sansad
8.Ek que rojgar nirman ke liye indian government ke programe se tha
9.GDP ka calculation kaise kiya jata h
10.ASEAN ka fullform
11.Bangladesh ke Rastpati
12.Nagarjun sagar bandh kis nadi pr h
13.Harrp potter book kisne likha
14.UNICEF ka fullform
15.Godan kiski rachna h
16.Indian Chief justice
17.Bakteshwar thermal plant kaha h
18.Bent mulaya kisse sambandhit h
19.Tibbat mansarowar se kaun si nadi nikalti h
20.Human right day
21.Mudra kosh mukhyalay(International)
22.Ranjan sing sodhi kis game se h
23.Petrolium ministef
24.Konark temple kaha h
25.Manmohan singh kaha se member h
26.Osckar 2013 ka Film
27.Uropeiye samgh ka naya sadasya
28.2013 ka dronacharya puraskr (Mukkebaji se)
29.Kosima kaha ki rajdhani h
30.Vishwatan anand kis game se h
31.Men vimlandhan winner 2013
32.2009 kitna no sansad sadasya tha
33.Russia ke president
34.Belgium ki mudra

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  1. thank u sooo much frnd...and wht abt remaining sections?

  2. Share evening section questions and answers

  3. i did well. other than gk all are easy. i have finished within 2 hours. but in gk i expected only pass marks. all other sections i will score more more than 36

  4. croatia is the new country which joined EU 2013.

  5. Thanks very much fr sharing dis wid us.....all d very best fr ur success....

    1. how much should v get in gk

    2. i vl get 16 marks in gk is it sufficient to qualify in the section

  6. Thanks alot fr sharing this with us...
    I wish fr ur d very best!!

  7. I attempt 186 question and 30question in G.A.

  8. What is the answer for GDP which asked in today's morning batch ?,any one know the answer

  9. i have attempted math 36 resoning 40 ga 37 computer 38 hindi 39 with 99% accuracy aapko kya lagta hai paper was easy to cutoff high nahi jayega i expecting 178 marks

  10. i attempted 196 questions .paper was easy

  11. plz discuss about the math portion....

  12. Thank you so much...its really help for next examiner

  13. I attened 188 ques totally with 90% accuracy.... and plz tel me d minimum sectional cut off... bcoz in gk 26 only I was correct.....8 ques wrong that's y asking...

  14. European union recent member is Croatia not iceland

  15. Hi how was the maths and reasoning can any one update

  16. Any one pls update how was the maths and reasoning question in the exam

  17. maths and reasoning is easy

  18. Belgium's currency is FRANC not Euro.

    1. Narendar reddy u r awesome man..thanx a lot for posting 40 qstns

  19. cutoff for gen category in reasoning n maths r 20 out of 50, hindi 15, ga 17, comp 9 out of 20. Total 125. I attempted 172 in office assistant n 153 in officer scale from up.

  20. hey frnd can you tell me which kind of question asked in general awarness section and how can i make preparation for this section?


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