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August 05, 2013

Some of the Most Frequently asked GK Questions in Compititive Exams


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Friends, as all of you know, now a days General Knowledge (GK) has also became a crucial area in competitive exams. So, we have decided to give you some GK questions which are being asked frequently in various competitive exams. We hope this will be helpful for you in your preparation. Happy Reading :)

Note : We made these bits by keeping NICL AO Exam and SSC Exams in mind. Banking Exam aspirants no need to put much efforts on these. Because you can't expect more than 2 or 3 GK questions in Bank Exams.

1)The lengthiest classical epic of India is ?

2)India's first atomic power station was set upp at ?

3)Who was the first woman Governor of a state of India ?

4)Kaziranga National Park is located at ?

5)Indian climate can be called ?

6)Planetary winds are those which ?

7)Who is called as " Father of White Revolution " in India ?

8)The world's largest lake ?

9)Rearing of silk worms is called ?

10)The study of fish culture is called ?

11)India's first battle field missile ?

12 )who is the first Indian woman to feature in a postal stamp ?

13)The currency of Philippines is ?

14)which animal was sent to space in Sputnik-2 ?

15)The first Indian to get Nobel Prize was ?

16)Chittaranjan (West Bengal ) is famous for ?

17)The capital of France is ?

18)Which veda deals with sacrifices and rituals ?

19)"Give me blood , I will give you freedom ". These words are attributed to ?

20)Helsinki is the capital of ?


  1. thanks are doing great job..grand salute 2 you...keep it up..

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