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August 05, 2013

Frequently Asked General Knowledge Questions in Competitive Exams - Set 2


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Friends, here is the second set of frequently asked GK MCQs. Check set 1 of expected GK questions from here. Happy Reading :)

1)The Richter Scale is used for measuring the

2)Sun rises in  the east and sets in the west due to the ?

3)Red blood corpuscles are formed in the ?

4)The climate best suited for Horticulture is ?

5)Ferozabad is famous  for ?

6)Who was the last Viceroy of India ?

7)Department of Space was established in the year ?

8)Who is the first Indian to win an individual Olympic Gold Medal ?

9)Anaemia is due to  the deficiency of ?

10)Subhash Chandra Bose was born in the year ?

11)The capital of Mizoram was ?

12)Travelogues are the accounts written by ?

13)Mormugao port is located in ?

14)Who composed the National Song of India ?

15)Lines drawn parallel to the equator are called ?

16)Who is the author of the Novel 'Godan' ?

17)The Jallian Bagh massage at Amritsar took place in the year ?

18)'Salk' vaccine is used for vaccination against ?

19)Where is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport located ?

20)Kampala is the capital of ?


  1. Replies
    1. Please note Qn no.6 as "last viceroy of independent India".otherwise the answer is 'Lord Mount baton'.

  2. Excellent sir becoz i am weak about these types of questions

    "MANY THANKS" Sir.

  3. plese q,no.6 ) who was the last vicroy of india. the right answer is mount batton. c. Rajagopalachari is the last governer general of india

  4. qn .1 the Richter scale measures the magnitude of an earthquake on a scale of 1- 10

    the Mercalli scale measures the intensity of an earthquake on a scale of 1 - 12

  5. thanks .we r looking more questions...please

  6. I glad read its pages.

  7. good question sir...i have no knowledge of few que bt now i have..

  8. good questions sir. i am able to answer few of them.

  9. thanks it is usefull to me

  10. hi sir i want know who can play IPL match
    what is normal eligibality to select in any IPL team
    plz give me answer

  11. please note q:no 4 answer is monsoon climate not mediterrian


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