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August 01, 2013

Computer Software - Basics


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Friends, in our last post we have discussed about computer Hardware. In this post we shall discuss about Computer Software. The Software is very important part of the computer that people cannot touch. Software is a set of programs that makes the computer run, and controlling everything that the computer does. 

Confused ? lets discuss with a small example. Assume that you were a new born baby. When you born there was nothing there in brain. It was just like a white paper. Later your parents, relatives, well wishers taught you THINGS. They give you instructions like This is good, This is Bad, you should do this, you shouldn't do that etc. Those instructions helps you to perform your tasks in an efficient manner. Have you ever heard of Tarzan? He was also a human being, but born and brought up in Forest. He just behaves like an animal, can't talk or think like human beings. You and he both have same type of brains. Then where is the difference? The difference lies in the instructions given by the people. In simple words, your brain programmed to survive in this civilized society but his brain didn't. Got the point? 

Now back to our topic, Computer is just like the human brain. Its of no use and it can't work if you don't give proper instructions to it. These of instructions are called Computer Program. The computer program helps the computer to perform a specific task. A program is said to be running / executing when the computer is using that program. A set of programs is called Software.

Softwares are of two types :
  1. System Software
  2. Application Software
The System software consists of low level (binary) programs that interact with the computer at the very basic level. Examples of system softwares are Operating Systems, Compilers and Utilities for managing computer resources (printer software, scanner software etc).
System Software Examples

The Application software consists of programs that are required for a user. The application software is also called End-user programs. Examples of application softwares are Emails, Word Processors, Spread sheets, Games etc. 
Application Softwares
Important Note : We cant run the application softwares without the help of System Softwares.

Synopsis :

Set of Instructions -----> Program

Set of Programs -------> Software

Programmer : The person who write programs / instructions.

Programming Language : The language in which the programmer write the instructions to train and work with computers.
Ex : C, C++, Java, SQL etc

Thats all for now friends. In our next post we shall discuss in detail about system and application softwares. You can read computer knowledge related topics from here. Happy Reading :) 


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