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July 27, 2013

Reviews on RBI Assistants Exam Held on July 27th 2013


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Friends, here are the reviews and some questions asked in today's (27-07-2013) RBI Assistants Exam shared by Vignesh Ramanathan, Manu Reddy and Tirupur Karthi. Hope these will helpful for those people who are going to write the exam tomorrow. We are thankful to Mr Viki, Manu Reddy and Karthik for their valuable support. 

Review shared by Vignesh Ramanathan

Reasoning : Was quite easy, Questions were 4m input-output,coding-decoding,syllogisms,
data sufficiency(height,weight comparison),seating arrangement, test of inequality etc.

Numerical :  This part was little tough for me.There was no time for me to solve these prob. Try to solve this section by
first itself ppl so that you wont get much tensed at last. Questions are from mensuration,number analogy, BODMAS rules
(square,cube,square root,exponential) etc. I got tensed after seeing these questions. Took too much time.

English : Quite easy, Nothing to worry on this section

Computer Knowledge : Easy, Just basics.

General Knowledge : Around 20 questions were quite easy. 

Some of them I remember are
1.rbi has approved white label ATM to how many companies?
2.SAARC head quarters?-nepal
3.nobel prize winner from INDIA for eonomics?-amartya sen
4.Fiscal Deficit meaning.
5.which country bought oil from Nigeria to a large extent?
6.Maximum CRR ratio?? its 20%
7.Best movie in film fare 6oth awards?
8.2013 FIFA Confedrations cup winner-brazil
9.some questions on GDP,liabilites
10.LIC policy names
11.which bank has been subjected to money laundering fine 2013-hsbc

Thats it as of I remember now, but questions were not too hard like last week.

All the best guys .hope it helped a little.

Review shared by Manu Reddy

Attempted today's RBI Assistant exam in the morning shift.

Reasoning : Easy,Input-output is a bit long.
English : Easy,Paragraph is a bit difficult.
Numerical Ability : Its tough,more complex simplifications.
General Knowledge : Questions were a bit twisted,not much banking awareness,nearly 30 questions on current affairs.
Computer Awareness : Its easy,read the questions carefully.

No 'None of these' options, I mean five options were given but none of these is replaced with another option.So,every question has a correct option in the options itself.

Overall toughness is high compared to Sbi or Ibps clerks(in two-three categories).

RBI should have provided model online exam.

Review shared by Tirupur Karthi

My view on today exam - RBI Numerical ability : I hit 20 questions mam within 30 mins as most of them are from Simplifications, due to time constraint I quit then and moved to another section.

Computer Awareness: its too easy.

General Awareness: Its moderate and mostly from Current affairs and past incidents of 2 month time frame
- 2013 ICC world cup will be host by -which one of the following women not served as President -tagline of bank in Hindi -questions on various schemes and terminologies -sathyam was acquired by which company -who headed 12th financial commission -who initiate Pratchi trust from the Nobel price money
English - Easy
Reasoning - Quite difficult, as running out of time one (myself too) need more practice to crack the questions....

All the Best :)


  1. Some more questions:
    1.Current Bank rate
    2.Reva car is of which company
    3.Literacy Day
    4.Financial deficit 2013
    5.Largest milk producer

  2. waiting for the evening session

  3. oh god im little scared....
    I ve prepared banking awareness well not that much current affairs...

    and really very shocked to read ques came from exponential..!!!:(:(

    thanks a lot manu and vignesh..

  4. frns wat might be the cut off this time and i think this time the scoring may be little bit low as caliculations consume more time as this is online exam

  5. both the sessions on 3 days are of similar standard and i think scoring 150 is a good score this time

  6. yahh today i given this exam numerical is more complex no more bank awareness . its very hardest tough paper than other . i ibps paper style nice than this.

  7. my exam is on tomarrow.......hope it will help me....m too nervous :(

  8. Thanks vignesh....also great thanks to gr8ambitioz team.

  9. according to me gk was tough,as most of the questions were from banking industry and those also twisted, i cant answer them. and numericals were really very lengthy.......

  10. Replies
    1. chinna adi slr-23%
      crr max 20%

    2. Yes at present slr is 23%
      But there is no lower or upper limit to crr, max cap of 20% was removed after amendment in sec 24 of rbi act 1934 as on june 2006

  11. Numerical Ability Ohhh i dont know the concept on this section is very tough u never able to comp this in of luck

  12. Reasoning:- Easy not deficult to solve.
    English:- Easy fill in the blank,error currection, rearengment like this questions.
    Numerical:- This is some defecult to solve u must have to know root & quebs.
    Genral knwoledge:- It's Easy Nobel Price, some banking terms,SLR Menas what & it's use.
    Computer awareness:- Easy genral Ms Office,Excel,web page realated.

  13. Some GA questions of Shift 2 :

    * Who is World Bank President?
    * Headquarter of IMF
    * How much initial capital for India's first Women Bank?
    * PRAN full form - Permanent Retirement Account Number
    * IIFA Best Actor Award
    * Head of the committee on indicent depiction of women in media
    * Head of the committee on poverty estimation
    * Which country does not belong in ASEAN? - UAE
    * Five names were there (women). Among them who is not CEO of any bank?
    * "Khayal Aapka" is the tagline of which bank?
    * Repo and Reverse repo rate combinedly mean which of the followings? - Liquidity Adjustment Facility

  14. Thanks Karthik :)

    Until the RBI Act was amended in 2007, the minimum value of CRR was statutorily fixed at 3% and the maximum was fixed at 20%. Both these limits (lower and upper) were removed by the amendment which came into effect in early 2007

  16. RBI fined Axis,HDFC and ICICI.

    1. u r correct bt they are fined for violating KYC norms but not money laundering

  17. U can put some famous books and authors list.

    It will really helps that who prepares for exams.

  18. please send 27 morning rbi gk questions with ans

  19. plzzz update 28th GK of rbi assistance

  20. I bet cut off will not be more than 100. I had written SBI-PO, which looked much easier than this

  21. i wrote the exam on 27th morning........ everybody here saying it as very easy.......i cleared rbi exam last yr and went for interview...i missed by 2 marks
    now i consider it as hard only...nobody can do more than 25 in apps.......everybody slipped in input and output also......i ll get more than 135.....may be upto 145.........
    this time the cutoff s going to be low compared to last yr inspite of less vacancy.........
    please do share ur expected marks with ur state........
    i m from tamil nadu.......135 - 145 marks


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