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July 23, 2013

Reviews of RBI Assistants Exams held on 20-07-2013


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Friends, here are two more reviews of the RBI Assistants Exam held on 20th July 2013 shared by our friends Ankita Nigam and Priya. Actually they mailed us the reviews on the very same day of the exam itself. But due to some technical problems we were unable to update. We apologize them for the late update. We are very thankful to them for their valuable reviews and wish them good luck in their exam.

Review Shared by Ankita Nigam

Today's RBI ASSISTANT EXAM was a bit easy in respect to the expectations.I gave it in the afternoon session in LUCKNOW.As the name signifies,different from the other banking examinations,expected to be tough,but it was not that much.All the sections were equally graded. A person who is into giving these kind of examinations can manage the time and speed well.The main part that needed much of focus was
NUMERICAL it consumed much of the time.

Below is the review of all the sections :

1.reasoning:very easy and scoring(round table arrangement
questions,language coding,decoding etc)
2.numerical:easy but time taking(mostly BODMAS type
questions,decimal,fractions etc{,no mensturation,no geometry} so just
manage to solve questions on time with good speed and accuracy)
3.english :very easy
4.computers:medium(basic questions so need not to worry for tough computers)
5.general awareness:AVERAGE for the people who are not very interested
in current affairs or g.k,but GOOD for those who are always updated :)



Review shared by Priya

Hi friends, I've attended the exam on 20th, i don't no y i prepared bad or something wrong happened i didn't attempt my exam well. Exam seemed a bit difficult for me. I don't know how everyone are saying that the paper was easy but the afternoon section paper was a quite difficult one. 

I want to share some of the questions with u which I remember :

The most easy sections were computers and English.
in computer section some of the questions were like:
1. what is the name of the portable equipment with touchscreen.
a. laptops    b. notebook    c. tablet    e.none of these question was about routers. question about server.
4.from which section of excel 2007 you can open different shapes. can u delete a word to the left side of a certain word in excel 2007.
6. the thing which cannont be done in excel 2007.
a.delete a entire row        b.delete entire column    c.can create a background color for a cell
7. 30,000 bytes equals to:
    a. 300 kilobytes    b.30 giga bytes etc..

there were some more questions on excel 2007 and also about languages. in my paper i didnt find any basic computer questions

now in reasoning section there were nearly 10 questions about group reasoning like there are 7 friends PQRSTUV all r going for tutions on Monday, tues,wed,thurs,fri,sat,sun not in same same order and they also like different subjects like hindi, english, history,geography, maths, marathi, science.
P likes hindi and like to go to tution on monday. R dont like science and geography and doest like to go on wed,sat,sun. etc etc it was a bit tricky and confusing and we need to have time some mainting time is a big criteria. other questions are already explained by hemanth kumar.

now coming to maths i completely became blank by seeing the questions may be  because i have a grt phobia for maths and i am from bipc stream anyways there were 20 questions on simplification but for me there were not at all simple. minimum were on decimal section and some were on cubes and square i didnt no how to solve them and some were very different like for example:  (296) cube +396/ (240) square = (247) ?+cube - 345  hope u understood my question.
some questions were about rotio and proportions, si, series etc..

current affairs was another section which i didnt like at all
1. webeldon mens singles won by
2. ommen chandy c.m. of kerala won  ----- award.
3. gilt is
4. unchartered scheme is for
5. one question abt SEDBI
etc etc..


  1. I was in 28th second sitting. Seriously, I never felt that I was in an RBI exam. I mean WTF, RBI need calculators or human to work? Numerical were lengthy, and from lengthy I dont mean 1 min Q, it was a sure 2 min question if an average candidate will solve it. Consider an example :
    (?)^4 / 1453 - 2025 = (?)^2 X 520
    What the hell it is? Is it called talent to solve such questions? I dont know how many gonna pass but I felt I am not for this level. Good luck calculators.

    1. Reasoning and Maths both sections were lengthy...


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