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July 23, 2013

General Awareness (GA) Questions Asked in RBI Assistants Exam held on 20th July 2013 - Navneet Tripathi


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Hello friends, my name is Navneet Tripathi. I've attended the RBI Assistants exam which was held on 20th July 2013. The paper is not so tough. I attempted 160 questions with approx..95% accuracy. All sections are easy, some maths questions are lengthy but its RBI not any other Bank so "ITNA TO CHALTA HAI". In this post I just want to share some General Awareness questions asked in my  RBI Assistants Exam. Hope it will be helpful to my fellow aspirants. All the best for your exam.

Some GA questions asked in my RBI Assistants Exam were :

 1)india 2020 book written by:

2)demat account for wat purpose?

3)indian rupee note life period?

4)bulk investment: equal to and above 100 lac


6)white label atm?

7)bharat nirman

8)banking ombudsmen related 2 questions

9)food security bill related 1 q.

10)per person yearly salary related 1 q.

11)tax exemption till 5 lac rupees

12)which is not gallantry award?

13) 2011 saarc submit theme.?

14) yellow revolution related to?

15) women's day?

16) inflation effect on money and price.?

17) best actor 85th golden globe award?

18) amount allotted to public sector bank in union budget?

19) french open women's winner?

20)basel-3rd related 2q.

I don't remember all questions..but I feel above are sufficient to understand the difficulty level of the paper. All the Best :)

We are very thankful to Mr. Navneet Tripathi for his valuable efforts. We wish him great success in his exam.


  1. Answers..............
    1)A.P.J.Abdul kalam
    2)to invest in shares
    3)1 year
    4)1 crore
    5)Cash Reserve ratio-4%
    6)WLAs in India will be owned and operated by Non Bank entities.
    7)this scheme will improve infrastructure
    8)people can give complaints related on bank to ombudsman.
    9)A huge percentage of the Indian population lives below the poverty line where getting one square meal a day is a challenge. The food security bill aims to satisfy this basic want and in that sense although it encourages welfare economics, the intention is noble. This is what would need to be weighed against other economic considerations.
    13)"Building Bridges - both in terms of physical connectivity and figurative political dialogue".
    14)The growth, development and adoption of new varieties of oilseeds and complementary technologies nearly doubled oilseeds production from 12.6 mt in 1987-88 to 24.4 mt in 1996-97, catalyzed by the Technology Mission on Oilseeds, brought about the Yellow Revolution.
    15)march 8th- international women's day
    17) Daniel-Day-Lewis
    18)14,000 cr
    19) Serena Williams
    These are the answers according to me. If is there any mistakes correct it and if u know the answers for the remaining questions share it. thank u friend.................

    1. the ans for 11 question is
      tax excemption for 5lakhs is 2000

  2. thank u navneet and anonymous.... u both have good memory power...:):):)

  3. Thank you so much Navneet for this valuable update and also thanks to

  4. Thanks we r vry greatful to u.

  5. thanks tripathi

  6. thankyou so much sir
    i have exam on 28th july
    i will give my best

  7. Thanks to Gr8amitins team..

  8. GA quations asked in 28th July 2013

    1 Most populated state in India
    2 Asian Development bank headquartered at
    3 Country hosting 2016 T 20 world cup
    4 Winner of 2013 International Man Booker prize

  9. Is there any limit on the number of attempts for RBI Assistants Exam??


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