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May 01, 2013

SBI PO 2013 Exam Review


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Friends, here is the review of the SBI Probationary Officers Exam which was held on 28th April 2013. Shared by our friend Priyanka Jagtap. We are very thankful to her for her contribution and we wish her great success in her exam. 

Exam seemed to be very easy.

General awareness / Computers and Marketing :

Nothing was asked in deep. Marketing and Computer questions were from previous papers.

Questions asked were :
Australian cricket captain
Question on China Premier
4 Questions from Budget
Who regulates micro,medium,small enterprises
bse has collabrated with which company and by what name it is there
hyperlink question
qualities of direct selling agent
what can be the share of nri in a particular company
for recapitalisation of sbi how much amount was invested by government
longform of cpu
cpu has which units
handheld operating system is present in which computer
which is powerful computer in a network server
playing to win books author
bouncer term is related to which game
some profesor idnt rember name now who got nobel prize has contributed in which section of banking
savings  bank account interest is regulated by?
direct marketing involves?

only two questions of probablity rest evrything was di
di was very easy not complcated calculations


2 passages
5 sentence correction
5 jumbled sequence
10 fill in the banks question
5 grouping of either synonms or antonyms


5 on signs
10 ie 2 seating arrangements
5 input arrangements
5 coding
5 sylogism
10 visual reasoning
10 verbal reasoning

There were no separate questions everything was in group so time management was problem for reasoning.

Note : Actually Miss Priyanka has shared her review on the very same day of the exam. But due to some technical problems we are unable to update her post till now. We regret for the delay. 

Please share your views on the exam at comments section below. All the best :)


  1. I appeared in the afternoon session.. paper was easy,but reasoning section was lengthy... other sections were easy..

  2. Hai attempts 159 with 85% belongs to there any chance 4 me?

    1. u have 99% chances of getting selectd strt preparing fr next round

    2. Reading 159 qstns n undrstndg dem prprly itself is not psbbl gr8 job done,wish u d very best buddy gr8 job done...i wud say u have 200% done

    3. Hiii c haribabu sir.... Can u plz share ur result

  3. Mam reasoning was tough ...n other sec time consuming..what do u think ...will b cut off?

  4. paper was easy....only reasonig was lengthy....i think cut off will be high..

  5. i have done 125 correct question

    what are d chances

  6. English and reasoning were little bit tough.some were strived in eng and lost time.

  7. Hi All,
    I wrote d paper in morning shift..Paper was easy as compared to previous years,DI was easy,Reasoning was bit lengthy,English was average and d easiest section was GK,Computer & Marketing.I attempted 120 and crossed 30 from each section..given the paper 1st tym so not sure of d cutt offs..If any one has any idea of it pls do let me know,don't give the fake reply..

  8. cutoff may be high as number of vacancies are less.scores of people had appeared for exam.

  9. Hi... I wrote exam in the morning session. I found paper much easier when compared to the previous one, especially DI.About Current Affairs... ur team deserves appreciation,'coz all the questions are from ur quick referance and MCQs u gave at the last moment.... Thanks a lot again...

  10. The exam was surely easy, not upto the standards of SBI.

    I think this might have been attempt to bring up the cut-offs at par with IBPS PO?

    All in all, 135 -140 attempts with very high accuracy 90% stand a chance. Anybody going above 165-170 attempts needs to look at his/her accuracy.
    Best wishes

  11. thank priyanka for shariing !

  12. The paper was certainly easy, not up to the SBI standards. One belief is that this may have been done to bring up the cut-offs at par with IBPS PO (24 per section). Additionally, with 1500 seats, the number of people shortlisted will be 4500, which might still jack up the cutoffs.
    The best take-away for everyone was that it was a morale-booster! Good luck, guys and girls!

  13. Dear gr8 team first of all thanks to u all for providing valuable notes.....i have already cleared my associate(clerk) exam in sbh(which was the 1st bank exam of my life and going to join their from around 10th may......and also given my sbi po exam on 28th.....mera exam kafi accha gaya.....discripative was also too good ......but i think in the process of writing letter to manager i mentioned my name ....after yours faithfully.......admin plz help me getting tense.

    1. No need to be tensed Sunny. It wont cause you any problem.

  14. Any1 knows when does the result of sbi po 2013 annonuces..... any guezz frnds

  15. When does sbi po 2013 result frnds... any guezzz

  16. My review:
    I attended the paper in the evening shift. Yes, the paper was easy compared to some other bank exams.
    General Awareness - It was way too easy.. and a score of 35+ was not too hard{being optimistic}.
    English - Well frankly speaking i didnt find it so dfficult. comprehension was not so difficult{took only one reading to answer all the related questions}.
    Reasoning: It was an average section.. but was time consuming.. surely most of the students found it difficult to manage..
    DI: Although i didnt saw all the questions{ due to time constraints} but just on reviewing the questions i attempted. it was easy section.. no hard calculations...

    Overall... the exam was easy.. but due to the time consuming nature of DI+reasoning+English {depending upon the individuals}, it wont be a very high cut-off affair.. just a +5 marks for each section comapred to SBI PO 2011 can be expected..

    PS: I will atleast secure... 40 in GK, 40 in english, 20 in reasoning, and 20 in DI.. and i belong to SC.. fingers crossed for the result}
    ALL THE BEST to all of you my friends!!!

  17. Thanks for this info.... It helps a lot....

  18. Thanks for the inof.... It helps a lot....



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