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May 13, 2013

Questions Asked in LIC AAO Exam held on 12-05-2013 (Morning Session)


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Friends, we have already shared complete reviews of the LIC Exams held on 11th and 12th May 2013 (both morning and evening sessions). You can read those reviews from here. One of our friend from Andhra Pradesh Sharadha Devi has attended the morning session of the exam on 12th May 2013. She is sharing the questions asked in the exam. We hope this will be helpful for those who are going to write the exam next week.

Here is her review in her own words....

Hi Friends, This is Sharadha from AP. I attend my LIC AAO exam on 12.04.2013 (Morning Session) I would like to share the same

questions asked in lic aao exam1Q  which is used to decrease the liquidity in economy
2Q  Reverse repo is used to
2Q  which term is not related to insurance and relate to insurance
2Q  visited PM and President names were given and where asked to which country they belong to
2Q govt schemes
1Q Kalidas Samman is related to which feild
2Q about SEBI
2Q about NABARD
1Q RRB's considered under which of the following
1Q which company'; head quater is at mumbai
1Q which of the following instrument is drawn by any person anywhere(DD)
2Q banking related question other than above
2Q insurance terms

Easiest part a 7th class boy can attend this section

1Q which of the following is input device
1Q which of the following  is  output device
1Q which of the following reads barcodes
2Q about RAM
1Q which term is related to internet
1QWhich hardware device is used in internet
1Q file extentions are given for
1Q which is the octane number
1Q giving other name for folder is called
1Q checking error in file is called (compiling
     debugging, interpreter)
1Q CD means
1Q hard copy is taken from(moniter printer Hard disk etc..)
1Q about warm booting,cold booting
1Q which is hard ware(ALU ,CPU etc)

15Q Paragraph (synonyms,antonyms etc)
5Q cloze test
5Q finding errors(unlike bank exam they have
given options directly the sentences)
5Q Rearrange the sentences(jumbled )
5Q idioms and phrases
5Q one word substitutes

5Q data sufficeincy(Simple interest,blood
relation,seating arrangement,ranking,coding
5Q syllogism (instead of 1,2,3 as options they
directly gave 1 alone is sufficient, both are
needed as so on,***** one has to be very
careful always the options are not same  that
is in one question first opiton may be '1 alone
is sufficeint' but in other question the first
option may be 'neither are sufficient' so very
intense care is to be taken here)
5Q inequalities
1Q course of action
1Q inferences
1Q assumption
5Q puzzle test(8 persons 8 floors)
5Q coding decoding
1Q 6 persons age, who is elder? comparision
     I don't remember 1Q

 This section is really numeric ability only 3-4
  question are asked about quantitative
5Q Series (very tpugh)
5Q data sufficiency(time and distance etc)
5Q calculte approximate values
5Q calulation (simplification)
1Q simple interest
1Q time and work
1Q time and distance
5Q Data interpretation table and pie      charts
     comparision (it was easy)
1Q Aligations and Mixture the question was " A vessel contains 30 litres of water and 3 litres of water is taken for 3 times and alcohol is replaced each time then the amount of water  remaining  in the vessal is ?

All the best :)

We are very thankful to Sharada Devi for her contribution and we wish her great success in her exam :)

                                                                                                                                          Gr8AmbitionZ  Team


  1. Hey.. Thank you so much for such a nice blog.. it will help a lot for 19th may AAO exam. Thanku shardha.. :)

  2. Paper is easy only

  3. Thank you very much Devi for sharing ur views.. All the Best.

  4. President Name was given as : Francois Hollande ... and we have to answer the country

  5. which govt owned insurance company HQ at Mumbai. ---- New India Insurance

  6. Above in computer section, kindly edit this question
    "Octane number" .. actually the question asked was Which of them is an OCTAL NO. 5 options were there all of them are in decimal form.

  7. Other GK questions:
    What is the full form of AML?
    What does E stands for in EMI?

  8. Sir, it would be very much helpful if u plz upload study materials for the upcoming IBPS PO exam 2013. I am unable to find it on this site and on the internet as well.

    1. Sure shashi... We are working on mock tests and video lessons at present. We will try to upload complete set of study materials for IBPS PO 2013 by this month end :)

  9. do any body observed wrong question on arrangements. 1 condition was given wrong in 12 may morning session paper. its in reasoning

    1. yeah i also think that question was wrong. i wasted my time as i tried three times but could not solve that..

  10. thank u sharada

  11. jai ho Maa Sharda......!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. pls some one upload questions of 18th..i have my exam on 19th and i am so nervous..pls help me with questions friends...

  13. Gave my paper today ..guys do 100% attempt in Maths and reasoning otherwise no chance...paper level is less then PO

  14. hi Guys ..I gave my LIC AAO exam today...Paper was far more easier then BANK 100% attempt in quant and reasoning...bcos cut off will be high

  15. dear sir plz upload 18th may lic aao question paper

  16. sir we would be highly grateful to you if you plz upload 18th may exam paper

  17. When lic is going to declare the result of AAO 2013 ?

    1. No official source Friend. Possibly by July 2nd week.


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