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May 15, 2013

Articles - Shortcut Rules


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Friends, today we shall discuss some important rules of Articles.

Rule 1 : The indefinite article 'A'  should be used before the word 'Half' when it follows a whole number.
  • I stayed in Madras for one and half years.
  • I stayed in Madras for one and a half years.
  • He spent one and half a half rupee.
  • He spent one and a half rupees.
Rule 2 : The definite article 'THE' should be used with a comparative adjective if the phrase 'of the two' is used.
  • She is better of the two sisters.
  • She is the better of the two sisters.
  • This is the best of the two books.
  • This is the better of the two books.
Rule 3 : With the names of meals such as Break fast / Lunch / Dinner / Supper, no article should be used in a general way except in particular causes.
  • I have the breakfast at 8 hrs in the morning
  • I have breakfast at 8 hrs in the morning
Rule 4 : The + Positive Adjective represent the whole class, and take a plural verb.
  • The rich is responsible for the lawlessness in the country.
  • The rich are responsible for the lawlessness in the country.
Say 'The poor are / The young are / The old are' etc....

Rule 5 : After Di- Transitive Verbs like Elect / Make / Appoint, articles should not be used except when they are used as Mono transitive verbs.
  •  We appointed him a chairman.
  • We appointed him chairman
  • We made him a leader
  • We made him leader.
The Govt. has appointed a Committee (mono transitive)
(As a mono transitive verb)

Rule 6 : After type of / kind of / sort of / post of / title of / rank of / articles are not used.
  • He is not that sort of a man.
  • He is not that soft of man.
  • He was promoted to the rank of a General manager.
  • He was promoted to the rank of General manager.
Read more grammar shortcut rules from here


  1. Awesum...Thank you mam... :)
    Really helpful :)

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  3. What are di-transitive and monotransitive verbs?????

    1. The Ditransitive Verb is the verb that takes both a direct object and an indirect object.
      EG: He gave her the letter. ('The letter' is the direct object , what he gave, and 'her' is the indirect object, the person he gave it to. This sentence can also be written 'He gave the letter to her'.)

      A monotransitive verb is a verb that takes two arguments: a subject and a single direct object .
      EG : The verbs buy, bite, break, and eat are monotransitive in English.

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