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April 18, 2013

LIC ADO Interview Experience on 15 april 2013 Hyderabad Division - Sravan Reddy


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Name : Sravan Kumar Reddy Vavilla

Interview date : 15th April 2013 1

Interview venue : Hyderabad divisional office

Questions asked in my LIC ADO Interview were


  1. Why choose this as u r a B.Tech background
  2. Diff between life insurance and general insurance
  3. Role of ADO
  4. Diff between financial marketing and sale of goods
  5. What is insurance
  6. 2013 budget what chidambaram discussed about  tax benefits
  7. Chairman of LIC, IRDA, SBI, SEBI
  8. Headquarters of IRDA, LIC
  9. IPl 2013 Sponsor
and some more current affairs questions

Suggestions to Aspirants :

Interview panel are of three members and they are very  friendly. So no need to be tensed. Most of the questions are from educational background and current affairs...know about the chairmans of IRDA, SBI, LIC etc and much more questions to MBA graduates all the best.

We are very thankful to Mr Sravan Reddy on behalf of our readers and team members for his contribution. We wish him great success in his interview. 

.... Gr8AmbitionZ Team


  1. Hello Mr.Sravan i too have interview on 26th at the same venue.i want to ask some doubts so that i can feel some sort of relax..can u have any idea about how they are looking at girls i mean whether they are showing any interest in recruiting girls and how about degree i am also a graduate.they are looking for M.B.A's or any degree and finally in which language they are interviewing..pls provide me some tips

  2. Thank u very much

  3. what did you answered for question first?

  4. Can anyone share interview tips for UIIC AO INTERVIEW?


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