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April 18, 2013

Interview experience of LIC ADO - Mahak Sharma


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Name : Mahak Sharma

Interview Date : 17 April, 2013

Interview Time : 10 AM (but was told to reach at 9AM)

Interview Venue : Chandigarh

Interview Pannel : Three members 1 female and 2 males

I reached the venue at 9 AM but the entry started at 10 AM only. People were so frustrated as we were told to reach at 9 AM. At 10 AM we went for documents verification and interviews started at 10:46 AM. First few candidates interview lasted for 7-8 minutes only but before me there was 1-2 guys whose interview lasted for 15 minutes also. Maybe because they had work experience in LIC itself.

After all my turn came and i softly knocked the door and entered. Gave required documents to the committee. Mam started smiling and i also started and in this they told me to sit and how stupid of me, i forgot to wish the interview committee. 

They asked about my native place ( I am from kurukshetra and had filled form from Chandigarh). They asked me will you be able to stay in Chandigarh. I said yes that is why i filled from Chandigarh, They said ok. They asked me if we select you today and place you to some rural area in Punjab then whom will you select to give agency, name three persons. I said one would be sarpanch of the village and they said and..?? i said the one who has more contacts and people have trust on the person.They were not satisfied and told me to name. I couldn't. so they said have you heard about AANGANVARIS? I said yes and they asked me about that. I explained well. 

Then they asked whether they can be given the agency? I replied yes. Then they asked me which vehicles can you drive i said scooty and learning car. They said ok. Then they asked me to speak in panjabi (Oh my God! We speak hindi at home also and don't have friends also in my circle who speak panjabi.) 

They asked names of three women who are at top positions in politics. I said Mrs. Sonia Gandhi then Mrs. Mamta Banerjee and Mrs. Sushma Swaraj (Whatever came to my mind i spoke) They asked about them. I continued to speak in hindi they again told me to speak in panjabi but i was unable as i am not fluent and was hesitating to speak as i never speak in panjabi. 

Mam asked fir kese manage karogi? (I had seen a panjabi movie and suddenly a scene flashed of girl speaking "Main manage kar lan gi" :-D ) I spoke that only then mam repeated and i thought did i say something wrong. She said manage nahi karna hai. I said mam i will learn soon and one should get a chance for that. Then they asked can you read panjabi? I said my mother teaches me how to read panjabi. They said aapki mother punjab se hain? i said no but she studied panjabi as a subject. Then they asked about my family.

Then came the topic of marriage (common question for girls). They asked agar tumhari posting punjab me ho aur mummy papa ko delhi me ladka mil jaye to kya job chhor dogi? I said not at all sir, mummy papa mujse puch kar hi meri shadi karenge. All of them started staring at me (Again i thought kyun bol diya aise :-D ) They asked me are you preparing for bank exams? I said no. They said aapko bank exams ki tyari karni chahiye, ye job girls k liye bohot difficult hai. Agar Punjab me post kar diya to kiske sath rahogi? I said main akeli reh sakti hu sir. Again all three started staring at me..!! ( I thought either something is wrong with me or them :-D )
Then they said all the best and i thanked them and came out.

(The sequence of questions is not same as asked during the interview. I usually get confused while telling things. Sorry for that. )

All the questions asked were in hindi and not even a single question from LIC. Even though my interview was not good still i wanted to share with you guys so that you feel relaxed during the interview. All the members were very friendly. And they are just checking your skills and your determination for the job. So all the best, stay relaxed and come back smiling.. :-D

We are very thankful to Mahak Sharma on behalf of our readers and team members for her contribution, detailed analysis and valuable suggestions. We wish her great success in her interview. 

.... Gr8AmbitionZ Team


  1. Thanks mahak, it was a Gud interview given by yu as you speak truely which you think. I am also from kurukshetrapreparing for govt job. so thanks for sharing the experience of of luck

  2. Nice situational explanation of your Interview,its interesting.

  3. very nice ... thanks..


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