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April 09, 2013

IBPS clerk-II Interview experience of Agra - Raveena Choudhary


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Name - Raveena Choudhary

Venue - Tourist Bungalow,Agra(U.P)

Date -24/03/2013

Timing - 1 pm

Panel - II

IBPS score- 130

I reached the venue at 12pm. Document verification started at 1:30 pm and my turn for interview came around 3pm.

I entered the room asking for the permission and greet them and asked to sit down.
Male 1- Asked my name. What you would like to prefer the language of interview..English or Hindi?
Me- sir I am comfortable with both so you can ask in whichever language you want.
M1-Which is your hometown? What does your father do? What is your brother or sister doing? From where did you complete your B.C.A? You are pass out of 2011 then what have you been doing till now?
Me- explained everything very truly.
M1-What is data warehousing? What is data mining? Difference between hardware and software? What is the difference between RAM and ROM? What is an operating system? Which is the latest OS? Who is the promoter of Microsoft?
Me- Explained very confidently everything but when they asked about latest OS I said windows 8, then they asked before that which was introduced? I said sir windows 7..he said this is obvious tell me except this. I didn’t understand what he wanted to listen and said sorry sir I don’t know.
Male 2- when were the banks nationalized? How many banks were nationalized at first time and how many after that? At present how many nationalized banks are there? Which nationalized bank was formed after merging? What is the capital of Jharkhand and Himachal Pradesh? Who are Chief Ministers of Jammu & Kashmir and Tamil Nadu?
Me- told all answers correctly except one of merged nationalized bank. I studied this but at that time I could not recollect so said sorry sir don’t know.
Male 3- What is monetary policy? What are non performing assets? What is Current account? Is there any interest given on current accounts? What is customer’s grievances Redressal system in banks? And one more question from banking which I don’t remember and also I had not studied that term earlier so couldn’t able to answer that.
Me-Answered all questions confidently. But I didn’t know about the Redressal system in banks so I said sir I don’t know the exact answer but all I know is that there is one complaint box for customers. So one of them told that there is a particular office for that tell me about that? Then I said sorry sir I don’t know about that.
F1(very beautiful and nice lady)- Do you read newspaper?
Me- Yes Mam.
Lady-What was the main news yesterday and today?
Me - Told. She was satisfied.
Lady-Have you given any other interview before this?
Me- Yes Mam. SBI Clerk.
Lady-Do you think this time you are better than previous interview?
Me- yes Mam this time I’m more confident than the previous one.
Then finally they said ok Thank you and ALL THE BEST.
I said thank you so much and left the room.
One interesting thing happened on that day which I want to share with you. We were having lunch in the restaurant inside the interview and suddenly all the interviewers came there for having lunch. Even my interviewers were sitting behind me(which I didn’t know at that time).Panel VII interviewers besides us were doing conversations about the running interviews. So I listened some. One said that we are asking the candidate just the simple and direct questions and they are keep telling us the unnecessary details in spite of the main thing. All candidates have prepared repo rate, reverse repo., crr, slr etc and we are not asking them these questions because we know that 99% of candidates have prepared for that. After that they were talking about anything else. And Then we came outside.

Suggestions to aspirants : Just be yourself and be very confident in giving the answers. Tell them the answers to the point and if you don’t know the answer simply say sorry I don’t know rather telling them any other story. All the best.

We are very thankful to Miss Raveena Choudhary on behalf of our readers and team members for her contribution and detailed analysis of the Interview. We wish her  great success in her interview. 

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  1. Nice interview raveena..i also take interview on 22nd march all questions

  2. when will be the final interview result be announce? in ibps website they mentioning 2nd week april... but when it will come?

  3. Sach bolu to meri antaratma kati hai ki tumhara to ho gaya selection just cheer up........

    1. hehehe...mri antaratma b yahi bol ri h k mra ho jaega...lets hope for the best..

  4. mam interview result is out......

  5. hi,i got 56% ibps clerical-2 in karnataka state there is any chance to me to got a job, nd how much highest % in karnataka,
    if any one know please inform me in this mail id

  6. my final score is 65.5

  7. score-115,cut off-110,gen orissa

  8. What is the highest score in IBPS clerk-3???

  9. I have govt given caste certificate..Is it necessary to take IBPS prescribed format caste certificate?


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