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April 06, 2013

Expected Geography Questions for SSC CGL Exam - Set 2


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Friends, first of all thank you so much for the overwhelming response to our SSC CGL expected questions series. People have been requesting us to post more questions, so we have decided to post 100 questions (5 Sets -20 Questions per set) for each section. Here is the set 2 of Geography. You can read Set 1 Here. You can get more sets by this Monday. happy Reading :)

Which of the following folk dances is associated with Jammu and Kashmir?
  • Jhora
  • Veedhi
  • Rauf
  • Suisini

Generally, the soil of the northern plains of India hs been formed by

'Drawin finches' referes to a group of

Diu is an island off

Which from the following is a land-locked sea?
Red Sea
Timor Sea
Northi Sea
Aral Sea

Shivasamudram Falls is found in the courses of river

The position of Indian Railways network in the world is

WHich of the following folk dances is associated with Rajasthan?
  • Rauf
  • Jhora
  • Veedhi
  • Suisini

Who discovered South Pole?

Who invented pencillin?

The common tree species in Nilgiri Hills is:

Which of the following folk/tribal dances is associated with Karnataka?
  • Yakshagana
  • Jatra
  • Veedhi
  • Jhora

The headquarters of International Atomic Enerty Agency is in?

Which is the largest living bird on Earth?

Rihand Dam project provides irrigation to _____?

The Headquarters of MCF (Master Control Facility) is

Which is the longest irrigation canal in India?

Loktak is a ___________?

Which city recieves the highest cosmic radiation amongst the following?

Animals living in the tree trunks are known as


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  1. sir please provide some expected IDIOMS,ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION,ANTONYMS & SYNONYMS for SSC CGL 2013

    1. We will try to upload by coming Wednesday Amrita.. Thanks for the suggestion :)

  2. just received sms from SBI to download the call letter.But nothing is there in official website of SBI.Thanks to Gr8AmbitionZ team as I have already downloaded my one on 3rd April.Great work keep it on!!!

  3. Hope they may enable the link from today.


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