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March 30, 2013

Overview of IBPS Bank Interview - Clerks - Bhupendra Bora


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Name : Bhupendra Bora

Qualification : Graduation in Psychology, MBA in Marketing 

Location : Dehradoon

Date : 21st March 2013

Time : 8:30 AM

Friends, I had my  Interview of IBPS Clerks on 21/03/2013 from 8:30 am at Dehradoon,
I reached the venue at 6:20 am as i came from Delhi.
Exactly at 8:30 Am they open the gates and let us in to main hall. There were 4 stalls and few chairs are in front of them i.e. Panels for verification of your document.
Please bring every document what they are asking and also their originals. Dont take rough prints of your application.
My interview was started at 11:30 am and now let me tell you about myself, I did Graduation in Psychology and the MBA in Marketing and then 24 months work exp including 10 months in Banking industry.
I entered the room, there were 4 members. M1,M2,M3,F1.

I greet them half coz there was confusion among me and another candidate but moderator shouts my name thats y i was thr.
Then they offered me chair. I said Thanks.
Who said that panel member are friendly.. huh they were FIREndly.........well lets start the interview.
M1- Why you left your last job from XYZ Bank.
Me- :-( due to job satisfaction and job security and my senior used to grill me after my hard work.....(bad answer)
M1- Dont judge your work by yourself......( he was right and as an elder, he gave me some tips , so I said - I completely agree with you Sire.)
M2- What is Ca/Sa and why bank focus on them.?
me- If I dnt have no. of account then how can i do cross selling and moreover if thr will be less Ca/Sa then bank will have less money to invest some whr else.....He was Impressed with this answer........then i added few things abt CRM and Relationship management.
M3- what bank do to safe gaurd of Customer money.
me- nervous.............Sir, they deposited it with the govt. bonds, which are the most safiest way with min. risk.(?????????????????/)
M2- Who is making smart Id card.
Me- Only name came into my mind UIDAI and Nandan Nelkani when i said but i realised that i m wrong so i said Sorry, I cant recall right now.
M3- asked question about my graduation - what is motivational, i replied then he cross question, what is inspiration then ???? i was little bit nervous but i recollects all my short notes and tell him the difference between both.
M3 - These days many army men kills their immediate seniors.... what is the reason behind that ??????
me- Sir, because the officer treat general rank people very bad and treat them like their servant, so we need to take some psychology classes for both . and to remove the differences among them
F1- who is MD of Axis Bank
Me- Sikha Sharma ..................
then they said  Thank you.
I greet them too , and leave the room properly.

So guys dnt do mistakes like me, dnt give any negative statement regarding you. I mean No Excuse. positive and be confident............

We are very thankful to Mr Bhupendra Bora on behalf of our readers and team members for his contribution and detailed analysis. We wish him great success in his interview. 

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  1. did you get the job ....bhupendra ??

    1. this is THE MOST important question...

    2. Guys Mr. Bhupendra is currently working as a Manager in Bank of Baroda. He is on of the top performers there and has done really well for himself. He is my senior and i thank everyday that i get to work under his guidance.


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