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March 24, 2013

IBPS Clerks Common Interview Experience - Sivasankari


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Friends here is the interview experience of IBPS Clerks shared by Sivasankari of Coimbatore. We are thankful to her for her sharing and detailed analysis of the interview. We wish her great success in her interview. Read her interview experience in her own words.

Name: Sivasankari.S

Qualification: M.Com

Date of Interview: 21/03/2013

Venue : Coimbatore, TN

Panel: III

Time: 8:30 AM

I reached the Interview venue by 8:00am.  They were 3 Panels.  My documents were verified 10:30AM, and my turn was 19th for the interview.   I called for interview at 11:30Am. When I entered the room I saw 4 persons S1, S2, S3 and M1. I open the door and I said May I come in. Come in Sivasankari … they said.  I wished them good morning. They said good morning and have ur seatsivasankari and asked are you author ??? (as a very popular tamil writer and activist was there with the name sivasankari)
I just smiled and said thanks and sat.
S2: Said Tell me about yourself.     
Me:  I said. But I was a little nervous. After then I came to normal state.
S1: 10 (Politics) Katchi name Solunga….
Me:  I told only 5 names and I told now I remember that only sir.
S3: Tell about your hometown. (They are willing to know my hometown. So Many Questions werecome to my hometown.)
S2:  ungala village la appoint pannunaneenga work panna ready ya?
Me:   Sure Sir. That is my best opportunity sir. I like very much serve to village. Because of I came from village.
S3:  Ur family is not allowed you? Then how will you manage.
Me:  My family members are also willing to got a govtJob. My childhood ambition isbecame a bank employee.  So IndhaOppurtunityyanakandipa miss pannamatten sir.  My family members are supported for me sir. This is not for issue for me sir.  So definitely I serve for village sir.
S1:  Read the one paragraph for Tamil news paper.
Me:  I read.
S3:  Sollungaunga  husband job pathi?
ME: I said..
S1:  Famous 5 Political women names sollunga?
Me: I said.
S2: Who is CM of Delhi?
Me:  I think just 1to 2 second…. And I said.
S2: he is appreciated me…
Both are said ok thank you.  I am also said Thank you sirs and thank you mam.
Mam is no questions asked for me. Only listen tome.
S3 : he is given me one Biscuit.  They said good luck.
Me: I take and said thanks sir. And exited….
My interview was around 10 minutes.  Panel members are above 50s. But they are come down to my age and spoke friendly.  So don’t fear friends.  Hope this will be help you.   Best wishes friends.

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  1. All the best sankari mine is tomorow at coimbatore

  2. Wat s ur score sivasankari ?

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