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March 23, 2013

Clerical Interview Experiences of IBPS - Manasa


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Friends, on 21st March 2013 I've attended IBPS Clerks Interview at Udupi...It was about 15 minutes...It was really nice... I just want 2 share my interview experience...i think it would help those who are preparing....
Name : Manasa

Interview Date : 21st March 2013 

Interview Venue : Udupi

I entered interview room...there were 4 was mam and all three were sirs...after I entered I greeted them...then they asked me to  sit...then they started asking questions. Obviously the 1st question was  kannada as i am from karnataka..

1st:Hi manasa hegiddiya (hw r u)(i replied)
Why did u come4 banking jobs...I said its a safe and secure...they smiled and said every 1 are saying this only...i said its a fact sir...obviously every 1 has to say banking is a fastest growing sector...they are providing good opportunities for every 1 wants to join this sector
2nd:What is ur Qualification(i replied engineering in cse sir)
3rd:Being an engineer u would have joined Companies y did u come here...u would get more attractive salary we dont have that much attractive salary...(i replied)
4th:What do you think how much salary we are going to offer you...(i said about 18k to 19k)
      They said no its only would be less for your qualification....they were just expecting negative answers...but i replied in positive way
       Then they said ok den if u r interested in banking den you would have joined bcom...y did u do engineering...den i said i was interested 2 learn programming languages and how do they work in each and every sense...i was keen to know how web will work how computer will work on what basis and to learn completely i went for engineering...but i wanted 2 be a government employee that too bank i am here now sir...they said in other sector there will be more career opportunities are there...then y did u choose dis...then i said here also more career opportunities are there sir...we can also serve people..then they said in all sectors like railways, companies every where you can serve people then y did u come...ha sir in every area we can serve people directly or indirectly...this is one of them...but its very
5th: Introduce yourself(i replied)
6th:assume that one guy is working in a bank he was happy with that place and customers also happy with him and even officers were also happy with his work...if he got transfer
     letter...then what he has to do...i said he must confess...he has to go where government says and he must work there like here...there also he must gain their love...
     Then they said if he is not transferred any where he permanently shifted to that place then what would happen...(i was not knowing this so i was bit confused)
     Then they only said that if it happened so...then he will open shop their...he will made his relatives friends to take loans and commission and all...there will be some sort of he must be transferred.....i replied sorry sir i was not knowing this...they passed question to mam
7th:in budget they declared that government is going to open banks particularly for women...what would u think will it be helpful...then i said ofcouse would be helpful
      for woman...they will get loans soon at low interest rates...all the facilities will be provided like other banks are offering...then job apportunities will get increase...if they do
8th: ok then there will be only lady employees...can they manage without men...i said mam god made us with full of patience...we have capacity to manage anything at a
      time...we will manage both home and our will not be hard to manage...we can mam...
9th: if u are selected as a manager for that bank(Women's bank)...then can u manage
      I replied ofcouse mam i can manage...
It was over...they finished their firing...and l of dem said ok manasa l d best....
I dont know how it was...but i am expecting good result....thank you and All the best.

We are very thankful to Manasa for her contribution and we wish him great success in her interview :)

                                                                                           ...........Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Thanq so much manasa for sharing such a valuable info. All the best.

  2. What is your score Manasa????

  3. its only 110..don't know what will happen

  4. Good interview, and it will be very helpful for me too. Thanks


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