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February 07, 2013

State Bank of Patiala Clerks Interview Experience - Rohit Salve


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Friends, here is the interview experience of SBP (State Bank of Patiala) shared by our friend Mr. Rohit Salve. We are very thankful to him on behalf of our readers and team members for his well versed and well organized interview experience. We wish him great success in his interview. Here is his interview experience in his own words.

Name : Rohit Salve 

Education: Msc.orgainc chemistry

Working status : Contractual Job in Municipal Corporation

Interview Panel :

Venue : Pune 

Friends, I would like to share my interview experience of SBP (an associate bank of sbi) which was recently held in Pune.
 * panel  had 2 female & 1male(male officer asked Questions in marathi only)

At 2.45I  heard alarm . I pushed the door little bit and asked 'may i come in?'
lady in Middle said  off-course. come in.
I went near to chair . I said gud afternoon mam and good afternoon sirs
The Lady in middle said rohit plz sit down..
I took my chair carefully without any noise and smiled & said thank you very much,. Then they started asking questions...

1)1f= so rohit you are doing job?
me=yes mam.

2)1f=why are leaving such a interesting job? i think you are getting less money ..this cud be a reason...and you are doing nice job...
me=yes mam .but for me money is not a issue... i enjoyed my profile so much..since i likes to interact with ppl….. i loves my profile so much but in bank sector i will get huge opportunity to interact wid ppl .and feature wise i  wud like to take this I am going for this sector.

3)1f= rohit what do you know about  sbi?
Me= sbi is nationalized was founded in 1st april 1955.(she corrected me no rohit its 1st july… )
I said sorry mam…you are right it 1st july. Thanks. I continued.. sbi has 51% gov. shares. I read an article regarding sbi that sbi going to takeover  one keniyan bank and one more international bank. But mam sorry I don’t remember that  country  has branches in abroad .(she interrupted me and asked question)

4)1f=y there is  need of branch in abroad ?
Me= mam  .. it a globalization of Indian economy.. india’s  economy is now globally connected .having a branch in abroad is necessity .

5)1f= what benefits we get if we hav branch in abroad?
Me= mam  it helps in getting  foreign currency ,,,getting  fixed deposits and giving loan facility to nri…

6)1f= what is nri…
Me= non resident Indian.

7)1f= can u tell me difference betn current a/c saving a/c fixed deposit ?
Me= answered..(she satisfied ) 

8)1f=rohit u have good academics…y didn’t u tried for po?
Me=mam …you are right but I never  qualified  for  po …before..

9)1f=you said bank pays interest on fixed deposits . y???is it profitable ?? how?
Me= yes mam ..yes  it is profitable. Fixed deposit funds are kept for  particular period of uses this funds for investment purposes , for creating loan amts ,they get their profits in investments and pays interest to consumer. So it is always profitable to bank and consumer also…

10)1f=rohit u love photography..? tell me what kind of photographs u loves to catch.and what r two imp things must be control while photography…
Me= mam  yes I do love photography..i loves to have landscape photography…mam fash and lense these 2things are I thing useful while photography..

11)F1= (didn’t  satisfied ) said no rohit aperture and light these two things are imp…
Me = yes mam you are right …I will keep this two things in mind ….thank you so much….

12)F2= rohit you have sbi account..?
Me = yes mam I have it..

13)F2= rohit do you know any sbi insurance ..?
Me = I m sorry mam..i  don’t remember  about it…sorry.

14)F2=    rohit have u heard about accidental insurance..?
Me= oh yes mam … I know it thank you for  recalling it… I went to sbi branch I saw I notice on wall that sbi accidental insurance is now at Rs 100 only…(both lady;s  agreed to me) mom told me that we must have this kind of insurance for us…(f1 said yes after age of 65only)….its a very nice insurance product…

15)F1=rohit have u read today s news paper…
Me=yes mam I read DNA…today..

16)F1= what was one imp thing u read today…?
(just a day before rbi discounted crr and other rate by 0.25%...they may be wanted to hear about it ..but I tried to take their  focus on another issue)
Me= yes mam there is very imp news .one is delhi gand rape case(they got tensed)..that victims family is demanding a bone test to HC for a juvenile boy….and 2nd is about rbi ( I found smile on their faces)
Male officer asked all questions in Marathi …to check regional language command …

17)M1=( with huge smile on face ) rohit   aap ko to marathi ata hoga..
Me= ha sir muje thik thak se Marathi ata hein.

18)M1=university of pun eke vice chancellor kon hein ?
Me= dr. w.n. gade.

19)M1= unke pahele kon tha.???
Me= sir …dr. narendra  dhabholkar ..

20)M1=(immediately ) rohit narendar jadhav  the…
Me= yes sir  muje maaf kardo …aap sahi hein….shukirya… sir//

21)M1= wah ab kaha pe kaam kartein hein..?
Me = sir wah aab pmo me kam minister  office me wah advisor hein…(interrupted)

22)M1= ji haan wah PMO me planning commission me bhi hein……
Me=yes sir ….\

23)M1=tell me name of insurance companies …>
Me= max life insurance. Aviva life insurance ….and ( paused of 2sec) yes sir bajaj allianze …(both lady were agreed )…and star insurance .

24)M1=and more names…
Me= sorry sir extremely sorry ….muje itne hi abhi yaad aarahin hein…

25)M1=saare insurance company pe kon dhayn rakhta hein…?
Me=national insurance company..f1= said no it’s a another company….  sir ( pause for 2 sec) rbi…
F1=no rbi control all comm..banks..
Me = yes mam rbi control on comm.. banks… ( I looked at male officer and said –sorry muje nahi pata sorry sir….)

26)M1=kya tumne IRDA  ke bare mein suna hein…?
Me= yes sir  I heard about it …it’s a  INSURANCE REGULATORY DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY….it controls all insurance companies…thank you so much…
M1= ok rohit ...aap ja saktein hein…
Me= thank you so much…nice to meet u all….( with smile )


  1. Is regional language is necessary

  2. per notification...and if u cant speak reg lang. U will loose your marks although u r able to ans the asked question fluently.....e.g...if u opted maharashtra as written exam center then u must b abl to speak it

  3. per notification...and if u cant speak reg lang. U will loose your marks although u r able to ans the asked question fluently.....e.g...if u opted maharashtra as written exam center then u must b abl to speak it


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