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February 08, 2013

IBPS PO Common Interveiw Experience - Kishore Kundan


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Friends, here is the IBPS Probationary Officers Common Interview Experience shared by our friend Mr Kishore Kundan of Andhra Pradesh. His interview was held on 19th January 2013 at Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh). We are thankful to him for his contribution and we wish him great success for his interview. Here is his interview experience in his own words.

Name : Kishore Kundan

Qualification : B.Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering)

Venue : Visakhapatnam Andhra bank

Date of the Interview : 19th January 2013

Time : Given 11:30 am in the morning panel 2 and I got my call at 7:30 in the evening

Friends please tell me how my interview was: in comments.

There are four members in my interview panel m1 m2 m3 m4(north Indian person)

Me: sir may I come in sir
M2: yes come in
Me: I was standing at the chair
M1,m3: said take your seat
Me: I thanked all members m1 m2 m3 m4
M2: Mr. kishore tell me about yourself
Me: sir my name is kishore kundan. I am from a family background of 4 members; I am living with my family and preparing for bank exams. I am the person who believes in hard work sir and also have keen interest in joining banking sector. Moreover I completed my btech in Avanti engineering college and my father working in Visakhapatnam as a junior officer, my mother is an housewife and my brother is looking for a job
M2: what your brother did
Me:  mechanical engineer sir
M2: what you did
Me: B.Tech (ECE) sir Electronics and Communication Engg
M2:you have good scope in steel plant itself ri8
Me thought in my mind.. let me use this opportunity to create them feel I need this job) sir in my btech itself I decided not to go into my core field..i had a practical experience in my life.. my father met with an accident ..a fire accident sorry sir it was a steam accident not fire accident(this is really happened to my father)..
M3: with m2 said yes yes it was in news too. I said not recent one sir.. it was an accident 1yr ago.
Me to m2: sir at that only I decided not to go in my core field and also at that time there was no one there to help us financially, financial stability is the main factor deciding factor in peoples life. There are many people in this world who are in need. I want to help them sir
M3: what’s your score?
Me:151 sir
M1: when did you complete your btech?
Me: 2009 sir
M1: what are you doing all these days(its almost 4 years of my btech)
Me: I am preparing for only banking sir
M1:sir for almost 1 1/2 year I was preparing alone in home.. so I didn’t get success. later on I joined in a institute and got lot of support from there I used this opportunity learned many things’ tried to compete with my friends learned lot from seniors and now I am here sir
M3: already so many notifications in banks have come out... Why u still not in job
Me: no sir I am not selected
M3: which institute
Me: vims sir
M1 m2 m3 m4: they all looked each other talking in themselves(I think most students for interview are from vims)
M2: what’s your father salary
Me:35000 sir
M2: what is his retirement time
Me: I said 3 years
M2: what he did, is he an engineer
Me: no sir he is from diploma sir
From here started their war... Shooting questions like anything
M2: see every organization has positives and negatives u shouldn’t come over here for that reason..say that you have tried hard in your core field u didn’t get job and u came here
Me: no sir I am not here for monetary benefits sir I am here as per my satisfaction
He started explaining things again ..
M2: see every organization has advantages and disadvantages..
Me: I said in middle..but I want to serve  customers directly sir.
M2: see service can be rendered indirectly or directly now a days we all serve indirectly only..he asked for example me do u know who made this computer.. I said no sir
M2: he said we don’t serve directly people... We will do as per government orders that’s it
Me: I said direct customer satisfaction comes only here sir and I am not expecting any monetary benefits sir I am here only as per my satisfaction. I came here only to serve people because I understood how financial matter decides in people
M2: money plays an important role in everything service means not only just lending will u give money directly..
Me: I said no sir I will lend according to the bank rules
M2: he laughed loud.. and saying lending is not  a service, to some extend government will guide us then he explained everything regarding poverty alleviation programs and all
Me: I said bank is the base for everything sir, it lends to people,, it gives loans to industries and shg development..Everything with the help of bank only sir
M2: see every where god and bad will be there you have to see both.. Then he said if you see ias the highest class service.. People are engaged in fraud and in jails..Then do u think whole IAS is fraud...It’s not like that. It is good and bad..What I feel it’s not ultimate motto for job...Say that u didn’t get the job and u came here..Don’t just say that you’re thinking about all the people
Me: I was calm...Then he laughed
M2: what does u know about banking?
Me: explained everything what its definition and services and finally said banks are now techno savvy sir, so I can help in that way also
M2: Do u know software or any courses, how u can help
Me: I am not perfect in that courses sir (what I thought in my mind is if I say software again he will say y don’t u go for software)
M2: he asked by showing his hands in a typing mode...Can u operate well
Me: confidently yes sir
M2: your communication SKILLS ARE OK
M2: how can u help in banks..I started to explain something but he said we require only Do u know balance sheet
Me: I said I can serve in a better way than him sir...he said don’t say your core subject it’s a problem for u account sheet and all and I said I can work better than him sir
M2: can u work anywhere in India
Me: yes sir
M1: what is bank assurance?
Me: I said now a day’s banks have lot of competition so... Selling insurance products through banks is bank assurance..
M1: what type of insurance does bank provides is it life insurance or general insurance?
Me: I said it is life insurance sir..but I am not sure..then he said wha is the difference between general insurance and life insurance.. I said I don’t know( answer is banks will sell both insurances)
  M3:if you are an entrepreneur .. you have given a project  what all are required.. I was thinking at that time. And I said I didn’t answer the question.. Again he said same thing..i said first I will think whether that product is widely used in market.. Blah… Blah.. He said there are standard 4 factors.. if u know say yes or say no
Me: no sir.. With tension in my face. he said .. land labor cost organization is the answer.
M4: whats your hobbies
Me; I am a blogger.. He said blogger what is blogger.. I said creating website.. Y I created because I want to help my juniors’ sir... There were no particular text books for my btech subject’s sir. So I collected lot of text books in software format and I made it available for my juniors... I helped them this way
M2:how will u populate your blog through your friends
Me: I am a class representative sir... I organized many functions and all... So it’s not a problem for me to populate to my friends.
M2: oh.. you are a class leader u have leadership qualities.. Good...He wrote something on paper
M2: in Hindi he asked Hindi jantha hey kya.. I said ha jantha hey sir mereko...Then he asked do u understand.. I said yes yes...
M3: he said u may leave now...While I am saying thanku to everyone...M2 said to take chocolate and with a smile said all the best.

I didn’t missed even a single line of my interview please friends rate your comments  or mail me or you can call me at 7207313125.


  1. Good explanation... thanks praveen garu

  2. where is vims institute

  3. praveen (PJ) is that u from gajuwaka.... gwk vims ....
    nice attempt man... all the best friend.

  4. hivani mam my marks are 62.32 and my frnds is 64.21 and another frnd is 57.30 and one more guy marks are 60

  5. mam how can i share my interview experiance
    in this site

    1. you can mail us at Sankar.. with your basic details and pic (optional)

      we will publish it

  6. u done a great job ya and u will surely get the job

  7. all the best Mr.Kishore K

  8. all the best kishore.i think u r my junior in avanthi college

  9. interview was good .thanks for ur information...

  10. interview was good . thanks for ur valuable information.

  11. U can't do better than a commerce graduate. Kundan tu hawa mein jyada ud rha h.

  12. U can't perform better than a commerce graduate as per your interview.

  13. guys at last i got this job presently working in corporation bank as an assistant manager .guys

    thanks for commenting on my interview and i wish u all the best.. ita been almost 10months working with bank hope u too all will get a bright future..if u have doubts in banking and job pattern can call me at 8971042537


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