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January 08, 2013

SBI Associates Clerks Interview Experiences - Ujwala Deepti


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Friends, our friend from Andhra Pradesh miss Ujwala Deepti is going to share  her Interview Experience of State Bank of Hyderabad (one of the Associate Banks of SBI). We would like to thank her on behalf of us and our readers for her great supports. Here is her interview experience in her own words. 
Name : Ujwala Deepti
Qualification : Graduation in Microbiology & MBA
Post Applied for : Assistant in State Bank of Hyderabad (Associates) 

There were three members in my guy was asking questions related to banking...other two were asking about my Qqualification related questions and general knowledge questions... The questions they've asked were ....

Define Indian Economy ?
How Indian Economy comes out from recession?
What is bank? Who operates Bank?
Define slr, plr, crr, n bank rate? n abt current rates?
Why we  change these Ratios ?
You are sitting in the cash counter...the senior manager passes by that way..he finds 10000/- lying down.. He silently takes that money and disappears.. Everyone's puzzled and they go mad trying to tally the acc thru out the day.. and you only know what exactly had happened to it….what you will do it such situation?
india's rank in world economy?
Largest psu ?
Authors of any novels
Your UG, PG & banking r highly contrasting . Then why you choose banking ?
How will you manage problem customers?
How will you work in technology improvised (computerized) banking ?
who is father of microbiology? (Since I am a Microbiology Graduate)

I answered almost all of them with smile except two or three. I just admitted it sincerely when I faced unknown question. 

Result of the Interview :  Miss Deepti is presently working in SBH Kutukuluru Branch....

Suggestions given by Ujwala Deepti :
Question's mostly asked out of your UG & PG, also current affairs.. They generally focus on your  biodata (hobbies, qualification n abt interested subject…  Just read that days & also 1 week newspaper for interview.. All The Best

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State Bank of India SBI Associates Clerks Interview Experiences and Preparation Tips 2013


  1. Thanks a lot... Fr sharing...

  2. good news
    ibps cwe notification for specialist officer going to be out
    payment of application from

    exam on
    16/03/13 & 17/03/13

  3. HELLO MAM... ITS ME AKSHARA ... am a B.A GRADUATE I HAVE SBM INTERVIEW ON 2nd should i answer for dis question.... how ur graduation helps in banking?

    1. As you are appearing for clerical interview, Interaction with People is very important aspect of your job.. So you should cover that area...

      You can say them that your graduation taught you interact with people, helped to improve your communication skills, helped to develop your emotional intelligence etc...
      You can also tell them a story something like... during your college days you worked as a class representative and organized some meetings, solved some issues and they made you stronger in taking decissions.

      Hope it helps

      All the Best 4 the interview. Waiting for the good news :)


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