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January 27, 2013

Sample Precis for Bank PO Exams


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Friends... before reading this post, please read the basics of Precis Writing for SBI PO here

Water is the basis of all life. Every animal or every plant contains a substantial proportion of free or combined water in its body, and no kind of physical activity is possible in which water does not play an essential part. 

Water is necessary for animal life, while moisture in the soil is equally imperative for life and growth of plants and trees, though the quantity necessarily varies enormously from plant to plant. The conservation and utilization of water is thus fundamental for human welfare.

The main source of water is rainfall or snowfall. Much of Indian agriculture depends on seasonal rainfall and is, therefore, very sensitive to any failure or irregularity of the same. During the rainy season large quantities of rain-water flow down into the streams and rivers and ultimately find their way to the sea, and are, therefore, lost to the country. The harnessing of our rivers is, therefore, a great national problem to be dealt with on national lines. Vast areas of land which at present are mere scrub jungles could be turned into fertile and prosperous country by harnessing this source of water. 

now think of a good name for your precis

Precis : Water being so necessary for animal and plant life should be harnessed to our own use. The main source of water is rain. Most of the rain-water goes into rivers. This water must be used for making our barren land fertile. The conservation and utilization of water is, therefore, a great national problem to be dealt with at the national level. 


  1. Thanks.Its really helpful.Pls provide some marketing study material for SBI PO.By the way got 131,general category from Assam in IBPS clerk II,Cut off is 95.Whats my chances?Why cut off is less than other states?Is no of candidates cleared the exam is less or no of vacancies is more in Assam?Please start a poll of state wise category wise marks....

    1. 131 out of 200 is really good score Ricky... You really have very good chances. And unlike the last time, IBPS just made the candidates qualified according to the number of vacancies. So it seems, there are more number of vacancies in Assam... All the best


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