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January 18, 2013

IBPS Common Interview Experiences - Probationary Officers (PO) - Nipin Raju


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Friends, our friend Nipin Raju faced Common Interview of Probationary Officers today (Friday, 18th January 2013).  He is sharing his interview experience with us. Hope this will useful for you in your preparation. We thank him on behalf of us and our readers for his great contribution in helping fellow aspirants, especially for his valuable suggestions on communicating with interviewers. We wish him great success. Here is his interview experience in his own words. 

Name : Nipin Raju

Qualifications : B.Tech in CSE, MBA in Marketing and Operations

Interview Venue : Trivandrum, Canara Bank Building Complex...Panel 3 

Friends, I am posting the interview Questions asked by the panel members. Everyone, so that you people can prepare well and do well in interview. Most of my questions are related to my PG(MBA Marketing)...

1. About my name and Qualification.

2. About my family.

3.What is the difference between Marketing and selling?

4. Do you support Multi-brand Retail? If so why?

5.How does the bank Function?

6. What is eye space/ eye level?

7. What is your hobby?

8. Name some services provided by bank?

9. About my MBA project?

10 Why do you opt for bank?
11. What are the good qualities of a marketer?
12. The asked about debt equity ratio.
13. Wal-Mart functioning(Connected question from Multi-brand retail)?
14 Relation between bank rates and inflation?
15 Name 3 north eastern states,
16 CM of Andhra Pradesh

My Suggestions to Fellow Aspirants : When you are confused with some questions and if you don't know the answer, then genuinely reply that you don't know the answer else they may ask more questions related to that topic. During the interview process give importance to all the interviewers(4 in a panel) through proper eye contact and facial expressions. All The Best.

Thank u all my dear friends for your support....:-) All the best for your future....

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  1. Thanks boss for help. Wish you success in interview.

  2. Good dude thanks for sharing...
    All the best......


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