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January 27, 2013

IBPS Common Interview Experience - Sourav Ghosh

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Friends, our friend from Kolkata Mr. Sourav Ghosh has attended Common Interview for Probationary Officers conducted by IBPS On 24th January 2013. He is going to share his interview expereince with us. We are very thankful to him on behalf of our readers and the Gr8AmbitionZ team for his great contribution and his detailed analysis of interview with required answers. We wish him great success for his interview. Here is his interview experience in his own words. 
Name - Sourav Ghosh
Graduation – BBA (Marketing)
Venue - UBI South Regional Office Kolkata
Time - 11.30 AM
Date - 24/01/13
Panel - 5

Four Men are there in the Interview panel M1,M3,M3,M4

I was the last candidate for the interview. I entered into the room  around 6 P.M and wished all panel members (good evening) then they asked me 2 have a seat
M3-you have done BBA from Punjab???
Me - No Sir I have done if from Kolkata itself. There are few colleges in kolkata which are offering BBA under Punjab Technical University its a regular course but affiliated 2 PTU. Then M4 tried to make m3 understand that in some college they are providing this degree with PTU.
M1- Why banking??
Me - Answered confidently (they were asking in Hindi and Bengali but I was answering in English )
M1-whst is  Nabard ??
Me- answered confidently with a smile
M1 what is Brand??
Me-again answered confidently
m3- Family background basically father's occupation
me- answered my dad is working in bank
M1-where he is posted now??
Me- Replied
M3 - was smiling 2 me so I also smiled
M1-Tell me banks do brand their product??
Me- yes sir with help of example I try to tell but he was not convinced
M1-what is difference between advertisement and publicity
Me - Answered fully not convinced
M1- Tell me the main difference between advertisement and publicity
Me - Sir i am not able to recollect it now sorry sir I don't know
M1- Out of 20 banks which bank do u want 2 join??
Me- sir any bank
M1- After few days u have 2 give ur preference of bank that u want 2 join tell me 1 bank name??
Me - Bank of Baroda ( he asked why??) I said because my friends are working in it and its having a good hr policies and I want 2 join because its provide growth opportunities
M1- BOB  they don't have branch in Maharashtra  then u will not work??
Me- I don't have compulsion to work in a specific area and I can work anywhere because my dad used 2 work in army and I used 2 travel from one place to other within 2 years due 2 posting i have stayed in 7 states
m3- u don't seems 2 speak Bengali so well r u non Bengali??
Me-no sir i was born in Kolkata but due 2 my dad work i was with him where he was posted then M4try 2 tell him that he was born here and blaaaaa
m3- do u know Hindi  properly??
Me- yes sir i am fluent in Hindi as Hindi is my second language
M3- Ok all the best sourav( m3,M3 were smiling)
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