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January 26, 2013

Approach to Precis Writing for Bank PO Exams


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Read basics of Precis writing here
  • A precis should reduce the lenght of the original passage by at least two - thirds.
  • Every important idea must be retained, preferably in the order in which it appears in the original.
  • Unimportant points, including details, illustrations and anecdotes, should be discarded.
  • A first draft of the precis should be written, then checked to see that it contains the main ideas of the passage.
  • Although you should be as brief as possible, guard against being so condensed that you obscure the point of passage.
  • Try to capture the tone or feeling of the original, particularly if it is deliberately humorous  ironic or biased.
  • Check the draft for expression errors, repetition or vague phrasing; then write a smoother final version. 


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  4. if the passage happens to be biased in their tone, can we express it explicitly in the precis?


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