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December 25, 2012

Real Time Banking Interview Experiences - SBI Clerks - Satish Reddy


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Friends, today we are giving you the SBI Clerks Interview Experience of Mr Satish Reddy Sabbella. Who has recently selected for the same. We thank him on behalf of our readers for sharing his valuable Interview experience and suggestions. Here is his Interview Experience in his own words. 

Name : Satish Reddy Sabbella
Qualification : B.Tech in Electronics

My interview was Scheduled at 12:00 Pm.
By 1 PM I got verified my all attested certificates and then informed to have lunch and come  back by 2:00 PM
Around 3:00 (as i am 7th candidate in that batch) i got my chance.
The board consists of 3 members 1 lady and 2 gentlemen.
As I entered i wished each and every person and got my seat.
Q1. Are you ready to work in Rajahmundry or Vizag (As i am from East Godavari Dist)
A: I said yes undoubtedly i am ready to work any SBI Branch. After all my aim is to work with you. No matter what the branch is.
Q2: Tell me about the website which u usually visit ?
A: I said facebook. They laughed and said “Career Oriented”. I said Chetanasforum and Great Ambitionz. They asked reason. I said for notifications and materials, the appearance is also good.
Q3: How is SBI website?
A: For this question i said it is not that much good because people often confused while checking results and we had a small argument finally i said sorry and explained him what my view was. Then Sir said dont feel sorry that was my opinion and I respect your opinion also and he passed to other gentleman.
Q4: Types of Dancing Styles in India (As I have Dance as Extracurricular activity)
From Andhra Pradesh? Kathakali is for which state? and name any one dancer from Andhrapradesh In Kuchupudi then i could and said i am more of western type and filmy. Then he asked me to say who do i like more Then i said Mikael Jackson.
Q6 : Later they asked me About my experience as a lecturer? (as I worked as a lecturer in an Engineering College in Rajahumndry)
Subjects, Syllabus etc.,
Q7 : Latest improvements in Electronics? (As I am from Electronics Branch)
I said about 3G and he went deep into basics of Wave forms i replied good:-)
Q8: Do you have a bank account any where?
I replied I have an account at SBI Ramachandrapuram and Andhra Bank.
Q9: Tell me some thing about That Branch and its services?
It was very easy one i answered well.
Finally they passed on to Lady
She asked me only one question but in two different ways
Q10: Why do you want to enter into SBI? What are Job/duties of a clerk?
I replied what ever i know about the SBI and its History and about the respect and responsibilities of an employee towards the customer She again asked me
Q11: How will you be helpful to the bank if you got selected?
I Replied the character of an ideal clerk She was satisfied

Result : I cleared the interview and got selected a month ago.

Some Suggestions given by Satish :
Stay Cool and confident.. my mistake was to have an argument with Sir but later on corrected it by praising services of SBI (but remember, don't overact so that they may know that you are trying to impress them). Guys don't panic be cool and have a smile during the interview. All The Best 

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  1. Nice one friend. But I felt you shouldnt argue with interviewers until and unless you completely aware that you are correct. Anyways, good to know that you are selected. Nice analysis. Thanks for share

  2. iam also from rajamandry frnd.where u taken ur coaching?

    1. Hi, first RK Institute lo join ayyanu. Kanee, they became money minded. Batch ki more than 600 students undevaru, faculty kooda sariga ledu. So I left that and started preparing on my own. R. S. Aggrawal books meeda complete ga depend ayyanu. Yee blog kooda chala help ayindi (especially for current affairs and shortcuts). Ma friends tho daily discussions chesevanni. All The Best

    2. hello satish reddy can i have ur contacts numbers r email id plz

    3. r else cal me satish reddy 9059080058 plzzzzzzzzzz

    4. nenu sbh interview ki selected ayanu thats y i want some suggests and tips to face interview plz contact me boss or else give urs plz

  3. thank you for sharing

  4. hi this is reena. I have a question. What if we have location constraint and if they ask whether are you ready to work anywhere? What should we reply. Will they take it in a negative way if we say no?

    1. Yep Reena, chances are there for them to take it in a negative way if your answer is NO. Ofcourse, some exceptions are there but maximum chances are there for them to think that "You don't have seriousness towards your job". So better act as you don't have any problem working with the bank anywhere in India...
      As we already mentioned above, If you really have a STRONG reason and you really feel you can convince them, then you can say NO....

      All The Best

  5. i have lost my 2nd year dmc what should i do .. is it necessary for interview or not and what is other option for me for ibps po pleas tell me someone pls pls

    1. Better apply for the duplicate Tejbir. Because at the time of Interview they will check all your certificates originals.

  6. hi shiv
    can you pls tell me the upcomming bank notifications......... my friend said that soon sbi is going to announce opening for clerks. can you pls clarify my doubt asap.

    1. Please click on the notice board at the top right corner of this page for upcoming Bank Notifications Mohan. And as far as I know, SBI is not going to announce any clerical vacancies till next July... You can expect the Probationary Officers notification of SBI by next month.

      All The Best

  7. pls do give answrs 4 the following qstns....
    what r the duties f a clerk?
    what r the responsibilities f an employee towards customers?
    Y do u want to enter into SBI?

  8. 1. The functionality of clerks is as same as what you see in banks. Issuing money (in any form like DDs, Cheques or in the currency form) and Receiving money (in the form of deposits)... Some banks use their clerks to promote their policies (like insurance policies or latest saving plans etc).
    2. YOu can quote those regular gandhiji quotes here "Customer is king.. hez the reason for your job etc... so you treat him with welcoming smile and should clear all doubts.. shouldnt get angry on him etc..
    3. This answer depends on your qualification... Common answer is... SBI is the india's largest bank.. here I can get job satisfaction, good recognization in soceity as well as good salary...

    all the best

  9. how many marks did u got in written exam sateesh


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