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December 03, 2012

List of Summits and Conferences for IBPS Clerks Online Exam 2012


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Friends, here is the detailed list of Summits and Conferences held in last six months for the upcoming IBPS Clerks Online Exam. We tried our best to include all the important summits held in last 6 months. Hope this will help you doing well in the General Awareness section of IBPS clerks online Exam. All The Best and Happy Reading.

·        Nuclear security summit
       2nd Summit 2012(Current) – Seoul (South Korea)
       3rd Summit 2014(Next) : Neitherland

·        BRICS summitCountry: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South-Africa.

       4th Summit 2012(Current): New Delhi
       5th Summit 2013(Next) : South Africa

·        G 8 Summit
       38th Summit 2012 :David camp, USA
       39th Summit 2013 : United Kingdom

·        G 20 Summit
       7th Summit 2012 – Los Kabos, Mexico
       8th Summit 2013-St. Petersberg, Russia

·        NAM Summit
       16th Non-Aligned Movement Summit- Tehran(Iran)
       17th Summit(Next)-In 2015- Venezuela
        26-31 August at Attended By(India): Prime Minister
       Theme: Lasting Peace through Joint Global Governance.
       Country:120,New-Fiji, Azerbaijan

·        SCO Summit
       12th Summit 2012-Beijing - Attended by:SM Krishna(Forgien Minister)

       13th Summit 2013-Kyrgyzstan

·        National youth Festival
       17th-Mangalore (Karnataka)
       18th –Patna(12-16) January

·        Nato Summit-Chikago
·        Arab summit 2012 - Baghdad (Iraq)
·        World Economic Forum Summit 2012 Nov- Gurgaon(Haryana)
·        20th ASEAN Meeting 2012 – Phnom penh, Cambodia
·        10th BASIC Summit - New Delhi
·        Earth Summit : -Rio de Janeiro
·        United Nation conference on Sustanable Devlopment- Rio de Janeiro
·        World Economic Forum – Davos (Switzerland)
·        World Polio Summit 2012 - New Delhi
·        FM Trilateral Talks(China& India & Russia)-Moscow
·        11th Energy Efficiency Summit organized by (CII – Confederation of Indian Industries) – Hyderabad
·        Emerging Kerala investment meet – Kochi
·        9th World Hindi Conference -  Johannesburg
·        The international biodiversity meet – Hyderabad
·        Asia Co-operation Dialogue Summit - Kuwait
·        UN biodiversity meet in 2014 - South Korea

·        Third Worldwide Cybersecurity Summit  - New Delhi
·        Indian National Science Academy Summit – New Delhi
·        APEC Russia 2012 Summit - Russky Island (Russia)
 First ASEAN-India Ministerial Meeting on cooperation in Renewable Energy – New Delhi

List of Summits held in last 6 months for IBPS clerks Online Exam


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