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December 02, 2012

A Small Clarification about Indira Gandhi Awards


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From the day we've posted about Indira Gandhi Peace Prize 2012 winner as Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in our Current Affaris Quiz set 3, people have been continuously mailing us to correct the answer (!!!) Somebody saying that it was Guljar and not this Sirleaf.. And some people are claiming that it was Lula da Silva. As a number of people confusing about these awards, we feel that we've to make the things clear. Thats the reason behind this small post.

Friends, actually, there are two different awards of the name Indira Gandhi. Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration  and Indira Gandhi Peace Prize. The problem with us is... when ever we encounter a name (ex : XYZ award for excellence in something something), we don't give enough concentration to it and simply try to remember it as XYZ Prize. So here these both awards simply shortened as Indira Gandhi Prize!!! Thats the problem :( Ok, now lets see what are these awards / prizes.

Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration

The award had been instituted by Congress in its centenary year to give recognition to outstanding contribution to the cause of national integration by individuals and institutions. This award includes a citation and cash prize of Rs 5 lakh. Former recipients of the award include freedom fighter Aruna Asaf Ali, former PM Rajiv Gandhi (posthumous), former presidents APJ Abdul Kalam and Shankar Dyal Sharma, noted film director Shyam Benegal and music maestro A R Rahman.

The winner of 27th winner of Indira Gandhi award for National Integration for the year 2012 is Guljar (the Renowned lyricist, poet and author of India). 

Indira Gandhi Peace Prize

The Indira Gandhi Peace Prize or Indira Gandhi Prize in simple is one of the prestigious awards accorded annually by India to individuals or organizations in recognition of theirs efforts toward promoting international peace, development and a new international economic order; ensuring that scientific discoveries are used for the larger good of humanity, and enlarging the scope of freedom. The prize consists of a cash award of 25 lakh Indian rupees and a citation. The winner of Indira Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2012 is The Liberian president and Nobel laureate Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. She got this award for being an "inspiration" to women and ensuring return of peace and democracy in her country.

Then why some websites claiming that the winner is Lula da Silva ?

Some people are misleading that the winner of Indira Gandhi Peace Prize 2012 is Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the former President of the Federative Republic of Brazil. Here the point is, he was the winner of this award for the year 2010. But Indian Govt presented this award to him on 22nd November 2012. So Dont be confused. The winner for 2011 is Ela Bhatt. So don't be confused :) All The Best....

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