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October 14, 2012

General Awareness / Banking Awareness Practice Paper for IBPS Clerks CWE Online Exam


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Friends, here is the practice paper of General and Banking Awareness Section of IBPS Clerks Online Examination 2012. For this section you will get 40 questions. 20 Questions from General Awareness (Current Affairs and GK) and 20 Questions from Banking Awareness (Important Events recently happened in Banking Industry and Basics of Banking). We've created this sample paper in the same pattern which you are going to face for the IBPS Online Exam. So we feel it will be useful for you in your preparation. Don't forget to LIKE our Facebook Page here for daily updates of IBPS Clerks Exam. 

1.     As per Railway Buget for 2011-12 the senior citizen concession for men have been increased from 30% to
a.     50%
b.     80%
c.      50%
d.     40%
e.      60%

General Awareness Material for IBPS Clerks Online Exams
2.     Name the New Railway Minister of India ?
a.     Mallikarjun Kharge
b.     Muku l Roy
c.      Aparna Sen
d.     Manohar Parrikar
e.      Pranab Mukherji

3.     SEBI recently allowed which instrument as valid address proof investors ?
a.     Aadhaar card
b.     Passport
c.      Voter ID
d.     Driving Licence
e.      Ration Card

4.     Who won the Nobel Literature Prize for the year 2012 ?
a.     Mo Yan
b.     Li Na
c.      Shan guy
d.     Chetan Bhagat
e.      James watson

5.     Which of the following statements is TRUE about International Monetary Fund (IMF) ?
a.     IMF provide Ways and Means Funds to member countries
b.     IMF is an agency of the World Bank and ivsituated in Prague
c.      IMF makes all the rules and regulations in relation to the World Trade between the nations
d.     On becoming member of the IMF, countries get finance as temporary Balance of payment needs
e.      IMF is an organization floated by the members of NATO and caters to the need of those countries only

6.     Name the Chinese woman who won Miss World 2012 title ?
a.     Yu Wenxia
b.     Victoria Azarenka
c.      Li Na
d.     Mo Shi
e.      Serena

7.     The bank rate is ……………
a.     free to fluctuate according to the forces of demand and supply
b.     set by the RBI
c.      set by the RBI as directed by the Union Ministry of Finance
d.     set by RBI as advised by the Indian Banks Association
e.      set by Government of India on the recommendation of the Planning Commissoin

8.     Who is the new Chairman of  ICC Cricket Committee ?
a.     Rahul Dravid
b.     Virat Kohli
c.      Anil Kumble
d.     Ajay Jadeja
e.      Rahul Bose

9.     How  many Silver medals did India win in London Olympics 2012 ?
a.     2
b.     6
c.      4
d.     2
e.      3

10.                        Which of the following terms is used in the field of Banking & Finance ?
a.     Special Drawing Rights
b.     Affirmative Defence
c.      Civil Procedure
d.     Informed consent
e.      Question of Fact

11.                        Justice Dharmadhikari Committee Report is associated with ?
a.     Thermal power plant
b.     Aviation Industry
c.      Telangana Issue
d.     Indian Economy
e.      Money laundering

12.                        Name the new prime minister of Mangolia ?
a.     Norov Althanhuyag
b.     Thomas Murrey
c.      Robert Flash
d.     Antony Chekov
e.      Ripsy Bernod

13.                        Which bird has been declared as state bird by the Delhi Government ?
a.      Parrot
b.     Peacock
c.      Duck
d.     House Sparrow
e.      Hen

14.                        Which of the following is one of the Millennium Development Goals fixed by the United Nations Organisations (UNO) ?
a.     Develop a global partnership for development
b.     Develop new varieties of food grains which can ensure bumper crops
c.      To ensure that population does not increase in Least Developed countries at an alarming rate
d.     Develop measures to avert deadly Hurricanes/Tsunamies etc. in an effective way
e.      Ensure that a Global Economy is developed where all nations can participate according to their  Strengths

15.                        Which of the following countries recently got a new bailout package with the help of the Private Sector ?
a.     Germany
b.     France
c.      USA
d.     Greece
e.      Russia

16.                        The first human who landed on the Moon died recently. Who is he?
a.     Neil Armstrong
b.     Robert Neil
c.      Neilgiri Verma
d.     Rakesh Sharma
e.      Rohit Sharma

17.                         3 Indian banks allowed to operate in Pakistan. Thos are  PNB, Bank of India and ?
a.     State Bank of India (SBI)
b.     Bank of Baroda
c.      Andhra Bank
d.     Corporate Bank
e.      ICICI

18.                        RBI recently published "Payment System Vision Document 2012-15", which stressed on
a.     Bank Account for all Indians
b.     Arrest Rupee depreciation
c.      None of these
d.     Less cash economy
e.      Bank accounts for Foreigners

19.                        India recently completed negotiations with 16 countries for entering into a 'TIEA'. TIEA denotes which of the following ?
a.     Tax India Exchange Account
b.     Tax Information Exchange Agreement
c.      Total Information Exchange Accord
d.     Terminal Issue & Exchange Agreement
e.      Tax Issues & Export Agreements

20.                        Famous Sardar Sarovar Dam is built across which of the following rivers ?
a.     Ganga
b.     Tapti
c.      Krishna
d.     Narmada
e.      Satluj

21.                        Which of the following is NOT a Credit Rating Agency ?
a.     Credit Analysis & Research Ltd. (CARE)
b.     Lintas India Pvt. Ltd.
c.      Moody's Investors Service
d.     Standard & Poors
e.      Fitch Ratings

22.                         Who among the following is the President (Chief) of the World Bank at present 7
a.     Peter Thomson
b.     Goran Hadzic
c.      Jim yong Kim
d.     Alan Greenspan
e.      Z. Zang

23.                         How many number of Coaches Received Dronacharya Award 2012?
a.     9
b.     10
c.      8
d.     26
e.      3

24.                         Which of the following Awards is given for excellence in the field of Literature ?
a.     Dada Saheb Phalke Award
b.     Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award
c.      PadmaBhushan
d.     NirjaBhanot Award
e.      Pulitzer Prize

25.                         Recently Indian Test Cricket Team Senior player announced his retirement. Who is he?
a.     VVS Laxman
b.     Ramesh Naidu
c.      Venkatapathi Raju
d.     Yuvraj Singh
e.      Rohit Sharma

26.                         Which country won the maximum no. of medals in London Olympics 2012?
a.     USA
b.     China
c.      India
d.     Netherlands
e.      Argentina   

27.                         New Vice President of India is ?
a.     Salman Kurshid
b.     Hamid Ansari
c.      B. Laxman
d.     C. Rangarajan
e.      Mustafa Ahmed

28.                        Bank branches which can undertake foreign exchange business directly are known as foreign exchange.
a.     Authorized dealers
b.     Foreign dealers
c.      Overseas branches
d.     Approved dealers
e.      Exchange branches

29.                         Which of the following is the name of a Scientific Instrument ?
a.     Plasma  
b.     Pascal
c.      Radiation
d.     Lactometer
e.      Adrenal Cortex

30.                         Which of the following countries is NOT a permanent member of the UN Security Council ?
a.     China
b.     India
c.      Russia
d.     France 
e.      U.S.A.

31.                        Many times we read a term DoT  in various newspapers in connection of 2G Spectrum. What is its full form ?
a.     Department of Transport
b.     Department of Training
c.      Directorate of Technology
d.     Director of Tele services
e.      Department of Telecom

32.                        The outcome document of Rio+20 is named as
a.     Earth for All
b.     Save our Mother
c.      Future We want
d.     none of these
e.      Water for all

33.                        When a banker talks about CDR, what is he talking about ?
a.     Corporate Debt Restructuring
b.     Corporate Debt Rollover
c.      Corporate Deposit Restructuring
d.     Asset Liability Mismatch
e.      Company Deposit Restructuring

34.                         Expand the term ALM as used in Banking/Finance sector?
a.     Asset Liability Management
b.     Asset Liability Maturity
c.      Asset Liability Mismatch
d.     Asset Liability Manpower
e.      Asset Liability Maintenance

35.                        Which of the following is the overall female literacy rate, in India as per recent census ? Approximately
a.     50%
b.     60%
c.      65%
d.     70%
e.      73%

36.                        Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) and Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) are terms most closely related to which of the following industries/markets ?
a.     Capital Market
b.     Banking industry
c.      Commodities market
d.     Money Market
e.      Mutual fund industry

37.                        What is the maximum period for which domestic term deposits are normally accepted by banks in our country ?
a.     3 years
b.     5 years
c.      7 years
d.     10 years
e.      12 years

38.                        If you wish to purchase some U.S. Dollars for your travel abroad, you should approach ?
a.     The ministry of finance
b.     The U.S. Embassy
c.      Any Bank Branch authorised to do such activity
d.     The Reserve Bank of India only
e.      External Affairs Ministry

39.                         What is Salwa Judum?
a.     An anti naxalite movement
b.     Name of a police force
c.      A govt Organization
d.     Terrorist organization
e.      A branch of naxalite

40.                         Who is elected as new Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha ?
a.      Pradeep Antony
b.     P.J.Kurien
c.      Ahmed Jain
d.     Hameed Ansari
e.      Salman Kursheed

Banking Awareness / General Awareness Sample Paper for IBPS Clerks CWE Online Exam


  1. VERY HELPFUL FOR ibps exam

    thanks mam

  2. mam aapse ek request h ki apne jitni b post di har subjects ki un sbki na har subject ki pdf file bna k hme provide krwaye taki hum unko print krwa k aaram se pdh ske aur hme har post dubara dubara nhi pdhna kam jrur krna mam thanx in advance

    1. Well, the actually problem with pdf files is.. some people are facing problems in downloading Manoj... They are mailing us for the pdf copies by claiming that the links are not working... We too trying our level best to send the materials via their mails. But some people finally are leaving with empty hands... To avoid this we've reduced posting the content in pdf formats.... Any way, thanks for the suggestion... we will try uploading more pdf file for IBPS Clerks exam. Thanks for Commenting:)

  3. Hi,

    I have doubt in applying IBPS clerk. I have certificate in computer, so i entered yes and below it there is an option called "do you have experience." I have 5 years experience in Medical Transcription. whether they are asking my work experience or computer experience?. As I am doing Medical Transcription, it is full of computer related work.

    Plz clear my doubt by going thru "Apply Online" form.

    1. If your Medial Transcription is related to computers you can add that in your experience Friend. I mean, just mention the 5 years experience. And be prepared to answer the question "why you've left your job after 5 years" (they will ask you at the time of interview....

      All The Best

  4. shivaani ji again I am Appreciating your job ............ Fantastic work done by you......And I m sure that in our success your contribution is unvaluable........thanks again.........

  5. Plz tell me how many month current affairs asked to IBPS clrk

    1. Its advisible to refer the current affairs of last six months frm the date of exam SS. As ibps announced that the clerks online exam will be in December, you should prepare current affairs from June to November (already updated Current Affairs of IBPS Clerks Online Exam, Do check above ).

  6. Can you please upload some materials for english section of IBPS Clerk 2012?

    1. presently working on them Rakesh.. YOu can get them by tomorrow.


  8. is computer certificate necessary for ibps ?

    1. NO if you have any computers related subject in your Graduation.

  9. dear mam,i've doubt for appliying ibps clerk.i want to know that can i give exam in any state or particularly those state where i have to apply.i read adevertisement but not very clear about that.

    1. You can write the exam from anywhere in India Sumit... There are NO restrictions...

    2. UPDATE :

      @ SUmit Raj: According to my sister, its better to give your exam from your Native state only. As she belongs to Tamilnadu but applied Puducherri as her centre (because its nearer to her town), but she got problems at the time of interview. In her Score card, they mentioned that the state applied as Pondicherry.... Due to this mistake she suffered alot. So better choose the state from where you want to work.

      Good Day

  10. very helpful indeed!

  11. very helpful indeed!

  12. dear mam, i've problem English paper only. what can i do for it? Pl help me..


    1. Well, first of all buy an English Grammar book of your local language. Try to solve as many practice papers you can solve as possible. Read my articles on English shortcuts above. Thats enough for you Sivasankari. You can ask me if you still have any doubts. Good Day.

  13. hi mam,
    Pl help me, how can i pass english paper in ibps clerk exam?


  14. It's great collection,
    thanks alot mam...

  15. It's great collection.
    Thanks alot mam..j...

  16. nice collection mam .. my preparation is gng well bcos of this site..
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  17. I am an engineer graduate.
    Is there any COMPUTER CERTIFICATE required ?
    Please assist.

  18. mere comment kyun nahi show karte .......?

    1. Sorry for the late reply friend. We're lil busy with our server settings and unable to respond to Comments. Plz dont mind

  19. Mam vill u pleas say dat is der iz any minus marks for wrong ans in ibps exam?? as last yr they diducted the marks for wrong ans is it for dos yr also???

  20. please tel me is der any minus marks for worng ans in ibps xam coz last yr der is minus marks for wrong ans is it so for diz yr also

    1. Yep. Negative Marking is there in IBPS Clerks online exam.

  21. Mam vill u pleas say dat is der iz any minus marks for wrong ans in ibps exam?? as last yr they diducted the marks for wrong ans is it for dos yr also???

  22. quant ke liye koi suggestion maa'm.....meri math bahut weak hai..:)

    1. Plz do check the Aptitude Shortcuts link above Ankit Jha. There you can get plenty of explanations and practice sets for Improving your maths. You can ask us if you have any doubts....

    2. thank you very much..........*_*

    3. and please update answer of question no. 2 as per new cabinet ministry list rail minister is PAWAN KUMAR BANSAL

    4. Thank you so much for the update Ankit. We'll change that soon.

  23. mere comment kyun nahi show approve karte aap log.........m not spreading any kind of vulgarity

    1. Well, the problem is we're unable to open this blog for 3 weeks due to server and internet problems. So there are more than 700 comments are awaiting for response. All our moderators are busy in the maintenance of the blog. Thats the reaon why we're unable to respond all the queries... Thats it.. noting else. :)

  24. IT'S VERY HELPFULL..........

  25. hello mam my reasoning section is perfect except syllogism i can't understand syllogism due to which my reasoning section is incomplete.there is at least 5 questions comes in clerk exams pls give some simple tricks to solve it...i am very much thankful to u.

    1. We've already uploaded shortnotes on Syllogism Friend. Please do check in Reasoning Shrotcuts section for the pdf file. If you need manual detailed explanation, you should wait till next Wednesday, as we are planning a series of detailed posts on Syllogism. If all goes well, we will post that by next Wednesday.

      Good Day

    2. o.k mam thanks for the reply...but pls do it as soon as possible

  26. its gr8 very helpful site... exactly the type of questions being asked in the exams... gr8ambitionz GR8 collection.........................

  27. shivani mam, u r really awesome..
    We are very thankful to u and ur team for providing this valuable information.. As some one said please provide all the information in one pdf. So that we can read them properly..


    1. Already updated Quick Reference guide Priya. Please do check

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  30. hi... madam im CA final student and i want to know that will cracking clerk exam and working as clerk is helpful for me or not

    1. For recruiting clerks, they will only consider your score in the written exam and interviews Sunny. Your CA wont help you there. But it may helpful for you to get promotions easily.

      And why dont you try for a core job as CA? because now a days CA's have good opportunities in society with good salaries. So we suggest you to try for it, if you cant you can go for banking later.

      All The Best :)

  31. hi...
    mam your pdf fromat work not properly n error dowloadd files plz reload files n provide more questionn ibps clerk ....thnx u

    1. All Mediafire files are working properly Krishna. The problems is with Scribd files. We're presently working on that and will upload all files with Mediafire links soon.

      Thank you so much for the concern.

  32. very usefull for ibps....

  33. is any other document required other than voter id on the day of online exam?

    1. Its enough Debosmita Roy, please take a self attested photostot copy of this voter id too along with your Hallticket.

  34. thanks shivani mam for this helpful study material...

  35. good material.. highly recommended

  36. Mallikarjun Kharge is the current railway minister, serving since June 2013..

    1. These questions are of almost 1 year old Ricky. Thats the reason for the mistake. Thank you so much for pointing it out. Corrected now.

  37. i have only 1 month for my ibps clerk exam i want to pass the exam please guide me how to prepare and what topics are i study well and give some links related to that topics please guide me i dont have any one to guide me please help

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