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October 01, 2012

Current Affairs for SBI Associate Clerks - Month wise Expected Questions


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Friends, we have decided to give you the month wise expected current affairs for the upcoming SBI Associates clerks exam. So that it will be useful for you in your preparation. We are starting with the September month's current affairs as we observed that people don't have proper material to prepare  for September month's current affairs. Have a look at the follow sets. Each set contains 20 questions. Happy Reading :)

Updated : GA Questions asked in SBI Associates Clerks Exam held on 07-10-2012 (7th October 2012) Morning and Evening Shifts Click Here

Sports at a Glance for SBI Associates Clerks Exam 2012

September Month's Expected Questions Set 1
September Month's Expected Questions Set 2
September Months's Expected Questions Set 3
September Months's Expected Questions Set 4
September Months's Expected Questions Set 5

August Month's Expected Questions Set 1
August Month's Expected Questions Set 2
August Month's Expected Questions Set 3

July Month's Expected Questions Set 1
July Month's Expected Questions Set 2
July Month's Expected Questions Set 3
July Month's Expected Questions Set 4

June Month's Expected Questions Set 1
June Month's Expected Questions Set 2
June Month's Expected Questions Set 3

London Olympics Overview for SBI Associates Clerks 

Important Lists for SBI Associate Clerks Exam 

Read Complete Study Material for SBI (for All Subjects  with 9 Practice Papers) Here

Expected Current Affairs for State Bank of India Associates Clerical Exam


  1. Thank you so much for the Great effort :)

    God Bless all.

  2. Shivani mam, realy great effort....thanks a lot mam..god bless u..:)

  3. August set 2 is not opening, PLS Fix it! Thank you :)

    1. Corrected the Problem. Now you can Read the August Month's Current Affairs Set 2. Thanks for the Comment.

      Happy Reading :)

  4. really great blog......quick response to queries.........great effort...

  5. its good to see this site but i will again comment on this after the exam that is october 7.

  6. please give me Reasoning Shortcuts pdf

  7. thanks u so much for this great effort.I ll give the feedback after the exam too.God bless u

  8. Abhilekh ShrivastavaOctober 6, 2012 at 4:44 PM

    Thanks for this great efforts this is the best site for bank exams preparation

  9. Really great work..God bless you

  10. Exam went well. thanks for the stuff provided. plz do same for ibps clerks too.

  11. any one who appeared for 7th oct sbi exam please comment on sections like computer awareness marketing current affiars reasoning and mathematical aptitudes......

  12. This blog is very useful to preparing for bank exams.Anyone please update 7oct exam paper.My mail Id:

    1. @ Latha : Already Updated. Please check the first link above. All The Best

  13. Dis blog was very good admin&pls provide short cut tricks to solve english passage 4m chinna rocks...

  14. cups and trophies associated with different sports and games.......check it out may be helpful.......
    List of Cups And Trophies
    Sport: Hockey
    Aga khan Cup ,Begam Rasul Torphy (woman’s), Maharaja Ranjit Singh Gold Cup, Lady Ratan
    Tata Trophy (woman’s), Gurunanak Championship (woman’s) Dhyanchand Trophy, Nehru
    Trophy, Sindhia Gold cup, Murugappa Gold Cup, Wellington Cup etc,
    Sport: Football
    Beghum Hazarat Mahal Cup, BILT Cup, Bordoloi Trophy Colombo Cup, Confederation cup,
    DCM Trophy, Durand Cup, Rovers Cup, B.C. Raj Trophy (National Championship), FIFA world
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    1. Thanks for the update Janu Panchagnula. If you want to contribute in this blog, you can mail us to Good Day.

    2. Thank u......sure i will.....

    3. ya its really helping alot for me....

    4. ya its really good,,, this site is helping me alot.thanks v much

  15. april , may details kuda isthe bagundedi kadandi.....

    1. Sorry Sita Manohar, We were running out of time so unable to give the months of April and May. Please download the Current Affairs Quick Reference Guide from above links. In that we've covered all the important events occurred in last 6 months (including april and may) so it may be helpful for you.

      And if you want Current Affiars of May you can download the pdf file from the Current Affairs section above. Good Day :)

  16. mam, is it necessary to go through the g.k. part of september as i have heard that paper is made before atleast 1 month or 2 months......what is your suggestion??????.....kindly help me......

    1. You heard it wrong Friend. For any competitive exam the paper will be set 20 days before the exam. So its better to cover the incidents happen 20days before the exam too... In your case they've set both the papers held on (7th October 2012 and 14 October 2012) at the same time chances are there that the included September month's current affairs too.. So its advisible to read the current affairs of September upto 15th (thats what we've given above).

  17. This blog is really awesome...i have my sbi exam on 14 Oct....after that i will comment

    1. Thank you so much Shivangi. All The Best for the Exam. Waiting for your comments :)

  18. 14th oct morning session questions
    india imports gold from which country-options brazil,swizerland,france,korea
    2)the girl under 21 age,who run 15000 kms in london olumpics-
    3)Fii full form
    4)which state is called as the state of god
    5)wisdon outstading award goes to
    6)rajiv gandhi national sadbavana award goes to
    7)chief election commissioner of india
    8)one question on rio
    9)world blood donation day is celebrated on

    1. Thank you Janu. I will update these questions in a new post :)


    1. Thank you so much padmavathi for sharing. We will post them soon. Good Day :)

    2. i have shared some ques on ga but it gave me error
      name anil

    3. We dint get any comments of you Anil (except this one). May be server problem :(


  20. 1) God Of Small Things Book Writer .

    Ans; Arundhati Roy .

    2) Who Won Silver Medal In 25 Meter Rapid Fire Pistol .

    Ans; Vijay Kumar .

    3) Which State Called Gods Own Country

    Ans; Kerala .

    4) Sustainable Development Conference name Called .

    Ans; Rio+20 .

    5) Who has Bagged Sponsoring Right For Bangladesh Cricket Team .

    Ans; Sahara .

    6) Wisdom Player of The Year .

    Ans; Sachin Tendulkar .

    7) Blood Donor Day .

    Ans. 14th June .

    8). Tadoba – Andheri Tiger Reserve is Located .

    Ans . Chandrapura (Maharastra) .

    9) NASA Abbreviation .

    Ans. National Aeronautics and Space Administration .

    10) NPA Abbreviation .

    Ans. Non Performing Assets .

    11) PETA Abbreviation .

    Ans . People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals .

    12) FII Abbreviation

    Ans . Foreign Institution Investment .

    13) DTAA Abbreviation .

    Ans. Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement .

    14) Who is Chairman Of ICC .

    Ans . Alaan Isaac .

    15) Attorney General Of India .

    Ans . G. E. Vahanvati .

    16) Rajya Sabha Chairman .

    Ans . Hamid Ansari .

    17) Who Won Gold Medal in 10,000 meter Running .

    Ans . Mo Farah .

    18) Olympic 2016 Held To Be .

    Ans . Rio de Janerio (Brazil) .

    19) Gazal Singer Who Recently Died .

    Ans . Mehandi Hasan .

    20) Chief Election Commissioner Of India .

    Ans . S. A. Jaidi (New) , V. S. Sampat (Old) .

    21) Who Got Raman Megasese Award .

    Ans . Kulendei Francis .

    22) TALB Abbreviation .

    Ans . Teachers Association For Long Beach .

    .Q. 23) Vodafone Join Which Co. .

    Ans . Venture in 2007 .

    24) India Gold import highest From Which Country .

    Ans . Switzerland .

    25) Cellular Jail .

    Ans . Andaman .

    26) What Is Navroj .

    Ans . Parsi New Year Day .

    27) First Chinese Astronaut .

    Ans . Liu Yang .

    28.) Founder Of Micro Soft .

    .Ans . Bill Gates & Paul .

    29). Ratan Tata Got Which Award .

    Ans . Life Time Achievement Award .

    30. Tata Neno Plant .

    Ans . Gujarat .

  21. 1.white tiger book writer seeding

    3.10 meter bronze in olympic

    4.which game is not in olympic

    5.china space shuttle

    6.highest gold producer country

    7.fifty grey shades books writer

    8.pranab mukarji’s book

    9.who was rbi governor

    10.which is not public bank

    11.rajiv gandhi equity scheme

    12.D.R. Mehta awarded with

    13.11253 crore tax dispute with (vodafone )

    14.E-filling in it return compulsory city

    16.rock feller foundation award

    17.highest trade partner with india

    18.electricity producer company

    19.where is manesar plant

    20.what is challenger

    21.french open winner

    22.asian award(raman magnesy)

    23.champion trophy event brand ambassdor

    24.BCCI organized which event(ipl)

    25.2014 commonwealth game held

    26.who is solicitor general

    27.which is scheme to promote sports in youth

    28.tobacco day

    29.NATO headquarter

    30.india launch satellite to get information about environment

  22. here iam posting nicknames of the countries........
    Land of the Rising Sun - Japan
    Pearl of the Orient - Hong Kong
    Land of prayers - India
    Land of Gengis Khan - Mongolia
    Pearl of the Indian Ocean - Sri Lanka
    The lion City - Singapore
    The hermit Kingdom - Korea
    Land of white elephant - THAILAND
    Land of morning calm - KOREA
    City of golden temple - PUNJAB
    Island of pearls - BAHRAIN
    Pink city - JAIPUR
    Gateway of India - BOMBAY
    Land of 5 rivers - PUNJAB
    Pearl of gulf - DUBAI
    The jewel in the crown - INDIA
    Emerald of the equator - INDONESIA
    Bhutan- land of the thunder dragon
    South Korea- Land of the Morning Calm
    Australia - The Lucky Country
    Canada - 51st State , A Few Acres Of Snow
    France - The Church’s Older Daughter
    Iceland - Land Of The Midnight Sun , Land Forgotten By God
    Ireland - The Emerald Isle , Land Of Saints And Scholars , Poor Old Woman, Silk Of The Kine
    Israel - Land Of Milk And Honey
    Japan - Land Of The Rising Sun
    Korea - The Hermit Kingdom
    Lebanon - The Pearl Of The Mediterranean
    New Zealand - God’s Own Country [This nickname is also used by Yorkshire] , Land Of The Long White Shroud
    Singapore - The Garden City
    Slovenia - ‘On the sunny side of the Alps’
    South Africa - Rainbow Nation
    Switzerland - Land Of Chocolate And Cuckoo Clocks
    United Kingdom - 51st State, Perfidious Albion, The Soggy Isles, This Sceptered Isle
    USA - Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty , Home Of The Brave, Land Of The Free, Great Satan
    The Philippines - the Pearl Of The Orient

    1. Hey, I have posted this in my blog so that it will reach more people.. hope you don't mind :)

  23. 1. Paris – The City of Love, The City of Light, La Ville-Lumiere
    2. Prague- The City of hundred spires, The Golden City, The Mother of Cities
    3. New York- The Big Apple
    4. Las Vegas- Sin City
    5. Chicago- The Windy City
    6. Vancouver- The Big Smoke
    7. Montreal- La Belle Ville, Frenchtown, The City-Mountain
    8. Los Angeles- The city of Angels
    9. New Orleans- The Big Easy
    10. Philadelpiha- City of Brotherly Love, Philly
    11. Amsterdam- Venice of the North
    12. Venice- La Serenissima, Bride of the Sea
    13. Vienna- The Imperial City
    14. London- The Square Mile, The Old Smoke, The Smoke
    15. Detroit- Motor City
    16. Miami- The Magic City, Little Cuba
    17. Memphis –Bluff City
    18. Petra- The Rose Red City
    19. Pittsburg- Iron City
    20. Rome- The Eternal City, City of the Seven Hills
    21. Seattle- The Emerald City
    22. Bucharest- Little Paris
    23. Florence- The City of Lilies
    24. Barcelona- The City of Counts, The City of Gaudi
    25. Budapest- Pearl of the Danube
    26. Toronto- Queen City, Muddy York, The Big Toe
    27. Dublin- The Fair City
    28. Jerusalem- the Holy City
    29. Boston- The Hub

    30. San Francisco- Frisco
    31. Moscow- The Whitestone, The Forty Forties, Third Rome
    32. Edinburg – Auld Reekie
    33. Geneva- The Peace Capital
    34. Rio de Janeiro- Marvelous City
    35. Salzburg- White City
    36. Mumbai- The City of Dreams
    37. Singapore- The Lion City
    38. Naples- City of the Sun
    39. Bologna- Red City
    40. Torino- City of Four Rivers
    41. Genova- The Superb
    42. Palermo- The Happy
    43. Milano- Fashion Capital of the World, The Drinkable City
    44. Cairo- Paris of the Nile
    45. Buenos Aires- Paris of the Americas, Queen of the Plata
    46. Ushuaia- The End of the World
    47. Melbourne- City by the Bay, Bleak City, Europe of Australia
    48. Sydney- The Harbour City
    50. Sao Paolo- Brazil’s Locomotive, Land of Drizzle, Sampa
    51. Dubrovnik- The Pearl of the Adriatic
    52. Helsinki- The White City of the North
    53. Bordeaux- City of Wine
    54. Nice- Angels City

    55. Berlin- The Grey City
    56. Jaipur- The Pink City
    57. Oslo- Tiger Town
    58. Warsaw- Default City, Big Village in the Middle of Nowhere
    59. St Petersburg- The Mind of Russia
    60. Madrid- El Foro, The Forum
    61. Athens- The City of Violet Crown
    62. Dallas- Big D

    63. Hong Kong- Pearl of the Orient

    64. Munich- World City with Heart

    65. Birmingham- The City of a Thousand Trades, Brum

    66. Lisbon- City With a Future

    67. The Hague- City of Peace and Justice

    68. Calcutta- City of Palaces, City of Love, City of Joy

    69. Beijing- The Forbidden City

    70. Adelaide- City of Churches

    71. Zagreb- Little Vienna

    72. Bruges- Venice of the North

    73. Marseille- Phocean City

    74. Tel Aviv- The City that never stops

    75. Bolzano- The Door to the Dolomites, The German One

    76. Sanremo- The City of Dreams

    77. Tivoli- City of Delights

    78. Vicenza- City of Gold

    79. Kuala Lumpur- Golden Triangle

    80. Cuernavaca- The City of Eternal Spring

    81. Tijuana- Television Capital of the World

    82. Rotterdam- Manhattan upon Meuse

    83. Lima- City of the Kings

    84. Manila- City by the Bay

    85. Porto- The Invincible City

    86. Cadiz- The Little Silver Cup
    87. Bilbao- El Bocho
    88. Zurich- Little Big City
    89. Kiev- The Mother of Rus’ Cities
    90. Honolulu- Sheltered Bay
    91. Macau- Oyster City
    92. Wroclaw- City of Hundred Bridges

    93. Beirut- Paris of the Middle East
    94. Udine- Capital of the Great War
    95. Ancona- Doric City
    96. Tehran- The City of 72 Nations
    97. Bangalore- The City of Gardens
    98. Leipzig- Bimbo Town
    99. Split- The Diocletian’s City
    100. Grenoble- Capital of the Alps

  24. no no problem i too wish the same

  25. Queen of Arabian Sea------Cochin
    Space City----------------Bangalore
    Pink City-----------------Jaipur
    Silicon Valley of India---Bangalore
    Gateway of India----------Mumbai
    Twin City-----------------Hyderabad-Secunderabad
    City of Festivals---------Madurai
    Deccan Queen--------------Pune
    City of Buildings---------Kolkata
    Electronic City of India--Bangalore
    Egg Bowls of Asia---------Andhra Pradesh
    Manchester of the South---Coimbatore
    City of Nawabs------------Lucknow
    Venice of the East--------Cochin
    Blue Mountains------------Nilgiri
    Queen of the Mountains----Mussoorie (Uttarakhand)
    Hollywood of India--------Mumbai
    City of Castles-----------Kolkata
    Soya Region---------------Madhya Pradesh
    State of Five Rivers------Punjab
    City of Weavers-----------Panipat
    City of Lakes-------------Srinagar
    Steel City of India-------Jamshedpur (Called Tatanagar)
    City of Temples-----------Varanasi
    Mancheater of the North---Kanpur
    City of Rallies-----------New Delhi

    Sugar City----------------Aaska (near Berhampur,Orissa)
    Silk City-----------------Berhampur,Orissa
    Temple City---------------Madurai,Tamilnadu
    Temple Town---------------Kanchipuram,Tamilnadu
    Mango City----------------Salem,Tamilnadu
    Textile City--------------Coimbatore,Tamilnadu

    Garden City of India------Bangalore
    pearl city of india -hyderabad
    city of oranges -nagpur
    Sugarcity - aaska (near berhampur,orissa)
    Silk city - Berhampur,orissa
    Temple city - Madurai,Tamilnadu
    Temple town - Kanchipuram,Tamilnadu
    Mango city - Salem,Tamilnadu
    Textile city - Coimbatore,Tamilnadu

  26. Can u pls upload material for sbi specialist officer exam which is to be held on 2 dec,12... specially professional knowledge material for system assistant post..

  27. Presently busy with the materials of IBPS Clerks, I will try to upload the material in a week friend...

  28. ok thnku.. bt upload it in a week..

  29. can u please suggest a book which would contain previous papers of sbi specialist officer exam..

  30. Well as far as I know there is no book for SBI Specialist Officers Exam friend. Try to read the books of your subjects (DBMS, OS, CO and Information Security). And if possible try solving some previous practice papers of SBI Specialist Officers... All The Best.


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