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July 14, 2012

Much, Many and A Lot


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In today's post we shall discuss about the usage of Much, Many and A Lot. These three indicate a large quantity of something, for example "I have a lot of friends " means I have a large quantity of friends. These three are (much, many and a lot) are quantifiers. Now lets see some examples to demonstrate the usage of Much, Many and A Lot.

  • How much money have you got?
    • I haven't got much money.
    • I have got a lot.
    • I have got a lot of money.
  • How many students are in the classroom?
    • There aren't many.
    • There are a lot.
    • There are a lot of/lots of students.
In the interrogative forms we use :
  • Much with uncountable nouns. (money, bread, water...)
    • Ex :
      • How much money / bread / there? 
  • Many with countable nouns. (students, desks, windows...)
    • Ex :
      • How many students / teachers / desks... are there?
In the negative forms we use :
  • Much with uncountable nouns. (money, bread, water...)
    • Ex :
      • I haven't got much money/bread/water...
  • Many with countable nouns. (students, desks, windows...)
    • Ex :
      • There aren't many students / teachers / desks...
In the affirmative forms we use :
  • A lot, A lot of, lots of with countable and uncountable nouns.
    • Ex :
      • "How many students are there in the classroom?" 
      • "There are a lot."
      • "How many students are there in the classroom?"
      • "There are a lot of / lots of students"..
In formal written English :
  • It is also possible (and preferable) to use many and much rather than a lot of, lots of and a lot in formal written English. 
    • Ex :
      • There are many students. 
      • Much time was spent on studying.
Remember friends, if you're speaking or writing to friends (informal), use a lot, a lot of, lots of. But if you want to be more formal, perhaps it is preferable to use much and many.

Some more points to Remember :
  • In affirmative sentences with so, as or too, we also use much / many.
    • Ex :
      • "Ramani has so many friends."
      • "She has as many friends as Mohana."
      • "Mohan has too much money."
Now lets see the detailed view of the points mentioned above :

How many books are there?
There aren'tmany.
There are a lot.
There are a lot of books.
There are lots of books.
There are many books (formal)
How much money have you got?
I haven't gotmuch.
I've got a lot.
I've got a lot of money.
I've got lots of money.
I have got much money (formal)
Thats all for now Friends . Hope you liked this post... You can Read more Here >>


  1. nice explanation mam

  2. Is bread uncountable noun?

    1. Yep it is. Because in ancient days there is no criteria to measure bread because there were no perfect machinery to produce equal sizes of bread. So they made it in large quantity and used to cut it into small equal pieces. You can singularize it by the word "loaf". "I want some bread, two loaves please." (although a slice of bread, a piece, etc. are OK of course, in the right context).

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