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June 07, 2012

Books and Authors - 2


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Arming the Indian Arsenal      -     Deb Mohanty
 The Year of the Flood      -     Margaret Atwood
 The Post American World      -     Farid Zakaria
 Yours Sincerely      -     Natwar Singh
 The British, the Bandits and the Bordermen      -     P.V. Rajgopal
 After the Ice : Life, Death and Geopolitics in the New Arctic      -     Alun Anderson
 A Tale of Two Revolts : India 1857 and the American Civil War      -     Rajmohan Gandhi
 The Red Sari      -     Javier Moro
 The Fragrance of Forgotten Years      -     Bilkees Latif
 Securing the State      -     David Omand
 Before Memory Fades      -     Autobiography : Fali S. Nariman
 Pakistan-The Gathering Storms      -      Benazir Bhutto
 The Morarji Papers      -     Arun Gandhi
 The Lord of the Flies      -     William Goldings
 Agnigarbha      -     Amrat Lal Nagar
 World Power      -     Jonathan Steel
 The Tin Drum      -     Guentar Grass
 Development as Freedom      -     Amartya Sen
 Disgrace      -     J.M. Coetzee
 Speed Post      -     Shobha De
 My Century      -     Guentar Grass
 A New World      -     Amit Chaudhury
 Interpreter of Maladies      -     Jhumpa Lahiri
 Soul Mountain      -     Gao Xingjian
 The Brief History of Time      -     Stephen Hawking
 The Transparent Mind      -     Ingram Smith
 The True History of the Kelly Gang      -     Peter Carey
 Bradman’s Best      -     Rolland Perry
 Living History      -     Hillary Rodham Clinton
 Business at the Speed of Thought      -     Bill Gates
 The Impressionist      -     Hari Kunzru
 Ignited Minds      -     Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
 The Piano Teacher      -     Elfriede Jelinek
 Shalimar, the Clown      -     Salman Rushdie
 The Sea      -     John Banville
 Life of Pi      -     Yann Martel
 Long Walk to Freedom      -     Nelson Mandela
 The Writer and the World      -     V. S. Naipaul
 Two Lives      -     Vikram Seth
 The Family and the Nation      -     Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam and Acharya Mahapragya
 Curfewed Night      -     Basharat Peer
 Sustaining India’s Growth Miracle      -     Jagdish N. Bhagawati
 The Namesake      -     Jhumpa Lahiri
 Straight From the Heart      -     Kapil Dev
 My Life      -     Bill Clinton
 Magic Seeds      -     V. S. Naipaul
 To a Hunger Free World      -     Dr. M. S. Swaminathan
 The Line of Beauty      -     Alan Hollinghurst
 In the Line of Fire : A Memoire      -     Parvez Musharraf
 Mohandas : A True Story of a Man, Once Upon a Time in the Soviet Union      -     Dominique Lapierre
 My Country My Life      -     L. K. Advani
 Jinnah : India-Partition-Independence      -     Jaswant Singh
 Humbling      -     Philip Roth
 View from the U.N.     -     U. Thant
 Inside Third World      -     V. Harrison
 India’s Nuclear Status      -     Dhirendra Sharma
 Indian Women’s Battle for Freedom      -     Kamala Devi Chattopadhyaya
 Indian Cinema      -     Feeroz Rangoonwala
 The City of Joy      -     Dominique Lapierre
 God of Small Things      -     Arundhati Rai
 Obama’s Wars      -     Bob Woodward
 Convenient Action : Gujarat’s Response to Challenges of Climate Change      -     Narendra Modi
 Decision Points      -     George W. Bush
 Civil Disobedience      -     L. C. Jain
 Two Mothers       -     Khalid Mohamed
 Spark of the Divine      -     Sant Rajender Singhji Maharaj
 India for Sale:My 150 Cartoons on Corruption       -     Sudhir Tailang
 Bajanaama       -     .N. Sharma
 Sinh Garjana –II      -     D.G. Venzara
 And All is said      -     Zareer Masani
 Lest We Forget History     -     Gagan Sethi and PGJ Nampoothiri
 Bekir Paror Jui (Fire on the banks of river beki)     -     Hemen Das
 Moda  Goa: History & style     -     Wendell Rodricks
 Bajanaama, A study of Early Indian Recording      -     A.N. Sharma
 Write of Passage     -     R. Siva Kumar
 Nirbasan      -     Taslima Nasreen
 Lava     -     J aved Akhtar
 Cooking with Poo      -     Saiyuud Diwong
 Guerrillero del tiempo (Time Guerilla)     -     Fidel Castro
 Glimpses of Indian Women Hockey      -     K. Arumugam
 The Taxonomy of office chairs      -     Jonathan Olivares
 The Sins of the Father      -     Jeffery Archer
 Intimacies      -     Kunal Basu


  1. mam can you provide books and authors in pdf format

    1. Already updated Pdf "quick reference guide friend" you can download that. please do check.


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