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June 07, 2012

Books and Authors - 2012


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Here is a list of some books and authors which is useful for Competitive  Exams especially IBPS PO  and Clerks 2012. We've included almost all new books of famous personalities and some books from the previous bank examinations. Hope this post will help you in getting one mark (as there is a prediction that you will get one question from this area). Have a look at the list.............

 Sunny Days      -     Sunil Gavaskar
 Cricket My Style      -     Kapil Dev
 Lava     -     J aved Akhtar
 The last man in the Tower     -     Aravind Adiga
 Survivors      -     Randheer Khare
 Nirbasan      -     Taslima Nasreen
 True Colours      -     Adam Gilchrist
 Bekir Paror Jui (Fire on the banks of river beki)     -     Hemen Das
 Moda  Goa: History & style     -     Wendell Rodricks
 Bajanaama, A study of Early Indian Recording      -     A.N. Sharma
 Write of Passage     -     R. Siva Kumar
 Cooking with Poo      -     Saiyuud Diwong
 Guerrillero del tiempo (Time Guerilla)     -     Fidel Castro
 Terrorism in India      -     Shaileshwar Jha
 Storm Over the Sutlej–Akali Politics      -     A.M. Narang
 My Life Struggle      -     Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
 By God’s Decree      -     The Autobiography of Kapil Dev
 The Famished Road      -     Ben Okri
 Glimpses of Indian Women Hockey      -     K. Arumugam
 The Taxonomy of office chairs      -     Jonathan Olivares
 The Sins of the Father      -     Jeffery Archer
 Intimacies      -     Kunal Basu
 Basanti     -     Bhishma Sahani
 We the People     -     Nani Palkiwala
 The Islamic Bomb      -     Steave Baseman & Herber Cronsne
 Portrait of a Lady     -     Henry James
 My India     -     S. Nihal Singh
 Secular Perception in Sikh Faith     -     K.M. Duggal
 Rich Like Us     -     Nayantara Sehgal
 Reflection on our Time     -     P.N. Haksar
 Hinduism      -     Nirad C. Chaudhari
 Bliss was in that Dawn      -     Minoo Masani
 Netaji and Gandhi      -     Shashi Ahluwalia
 Runs in Ruins      -     Sunil Gavaskar
 Assam-A Valley Divided      -     Shekhar Gupta
 Speaking for My Life     -     Cherry Blair
 The Things About Thugs     -     Tabish Nair
 The Heritage of Sikhs      -     Harbans Singh
 M.N. Roy-The Man     -     J.B.H. Wadia
 Guiding Souls : Dialogues on the      -     Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
 Purpose of Life      -     with Arun K. Tiwari
 Identity and Violence : The Illusion of Destiny      -     Prof. Amartya Sen
 The Last Moghul      -     William Darlymple
 Alone in the Multitude      -     Amrita Pritam
 Swami and Friends      -     R.K. Narain
 Scarlett      -     Alexandra Ripley
 Freedom from Fear      -     Aung San Suu Kyi
 The Power and the Glory      -     Graham Green
 Against the Grain      -     Boris Yeltsin
 My Childhood Days      -     Taslima Nasreen
 Myth of Mahatma      -     Michael Edwards
 Asking for Trouble      -     Amreek Singh
 Sandy Storms      -     Sandeep Patil
 Struggle For Change      -     K.B. Lal
 The Indian Epics Retold      -     R. K. Narayan
 Indian Drama      -     Chelapati Rao
 The Last Hero      -     Mihir Bose
 You cannot Please every one      -     Kavita Sarkar
 Mrs. Gandhi’s Second Regime      -     Arun Shourie
 The Emerging Developing Countries      -     P.G. Salve
 The Museum of Innocence      -     Orphan Pamuk


  1. very useful..............

  2. thanku sssssssss oooooooo much

  3. hi mam in xam they will ask about the author that was written a book in a particular period of time or they can ask in past years also??

    1. They will only concentrate on the Latest (of last 1 year) books and authors Srikanth... But some times they will ask about the old books and authors if the book / author is in news recently (assume some author may die, gets an award or celebrates his 100th or 150th birth day) in those type of situations they may ask questions about his old writings too

      Hope it helps

  4. Pls mam suggest any trick to remember the name nd author of books

    1. If those are biographies obvoiusly they are related to the author's name or profession. So it will be very easy to remember... If those are fictions, just make a funny story with the author name and the book's name.

      Ex. Javed Akthar's new book was LAVA. Just imagine that he has a volcano in his home and Javed daily sees it erupting and releasing LAVA. Ofcourse it may sound funny but you NEVER forget this again. And remember, the more funny n stupid your story is... the more chances for you to remember..

      Hope it helps

      All The Best

  5. superbbb job keep it up

  6. Ma'am can u please post Books and Authors for 2013

  7. Mam please provide the books and authors those are important for the IBPS exams 2013.

  8. Great name great work


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