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April 23, 2012

Analogy (Advanced) - Reasoning Shortcuts


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Analogy means to compare the similarities / dissimilarities among the given things. In this type of questions, they will give you a sentence and options. According to the sentence you should find out the correct option. Have a look at some examples to understand Analogy more clearly...

  • "Bank" is related to "Money" in the same way as "Transport" is related to ?
    1. Movement
    2. Road
    3. Speed
    4. Traffic
    5. Goods?
      • The answer is 5) Goods. 
        • A bank deals with transaction of 'money', where as the 'transport' deals with the movement of 'goods'
  • "Horse" is related to "Hoof" in the same way as "Eagle" is related to ?
    1. Leg
    2. Clutch
    3. Claw
    4. Foot
    5. None of the above
      1. The answer is 3) Claw. 
        1. The lower part of feet of "Horse" is know as "Hoof", where as lower part of feet of "Eagle" is called as "Claw".
  • "Marriage" is to "Divorce" as "True" is to ?
    1. Truth
    2. Story
    3. Fiction
    4. False
    5. None of the above
      • The answer is 4) False
        • "Divorce" is the antonym of "Marriage". In the same way "False" is the antonym of "True".
  • Leaf is related to Sap in the same way as Bone is related to ?
    1. Marrow
    2. Fluid
    3. Blood
    4. Calcium
    5. None of the above
      • The answer is 1) Marrow
        • Sap is the fluid contained in Leaf in the same way marrow is the fluid contained in Bone. 
  • Which of the following pairs of words bears the same relationship as that of the pair of words given at the question place?
      • Cells : Cytology  :: Insects :
    1. Ornithology
    2. Entomology
    3. Anatomy
    4. Onomatology
    5. None of the above
      • The answer is 2) Entomology
        • Cytology is the study of Cells and Entomology is the study of Insects. (Extra info : Ornithology is the study of Birds, Anatomy is the study of the structure of human or animal bodies and Onomatology is the study of Names)
  • What is found once in Tea, Twice in Coffee, but not in milk?
    1. Water
    2. Cream
    3. Sugar
    4. "E"
    5. None of the above
      • The answer is 3) "E"
        • The English alphabet "E" is found once in the word "Tea", twice in the word "Coffee" and there is no such alphabet in the word "Milk"
  • Always : Never :: 
    1. Frequently : Normally
    2. Intermittently : Casually 
    3. Rarely : Casually
    4. Constantly : Frequently
    5. Often : Rarely
      • The answer is 5) Often : rarely
        • "Always" and "Never"  are antonyms in the same way "Often" and "Rarely" are also antonyms. 
  • Bull is related to Draught in the same way Cow is related to ?
    1. Milch
    2. Livestock
    3. Farm
    4. Fodder
    5. None of the above
      • The answer is 1) Milch
        • Bull is a draught animal (beast of burden) and cow is a milch animal (milk - yielding)
  • A "Square" is related to "Cube" in the same way as "Circle" is related to 
    1. Sphere
    2. Circumference
    3. Diameter
    4. Area
    5. None of The above
      • The answer is 1) Sphere
        • A square is a two dimensional figure consisting of sides where as a cube is a three dimensional figure. Similarly, circle is a two dimensional figure and a sphere is a three dimensional figure. 
  • "Iron" is related to "Solid" in the same way as "Mercury" is related to ?
    1. Vapour 
    2. Solid
    3. Gas
    4. Liquid
    5. None of the above
      • The answer is 4) Liquid
        • Iron is found in solid state. Similarly, mercury is found in liquid state. 
  • "12" is related to "36" in the same way as "17" is related to ?
    1. 34
    2. 63
    3. 68
    4. 71
    5. 51
      • The answer is 5) 51
        • Three times of 12 is equal to 36 (12 X =3 = 36). Similarly, three times of 17 is equal to 51 (17 X 3 = 51).
  • "Horse" is related to Hay in the same way as Cow is related to ?
    1. Milk
    2. Leaves
    3. Straw
    4. Fodder
    5. None of the above
      • Hay is the food of horse. Similarly, Fodder is the food of Cow. 
  • Horse : Hoof :: Cat : ?
    1. Horns
    2. Wings
    3. Legs
    4. Mane
    5. Paws
      • The answer is 5) Paws
        • Hoof is the name of the feet of horse. Similarly, Paws is the name of the feet of the Cat
  • Swan is related to Cygnet in the same way as Fish is related to ?
    1. Fry
    2. Fawn
    3. Fin
    4. Foal
    5. None of the above
      • The answer is 1)Fry
        • Here Fry means not the Fish Fry :P Fry is the name of the baby fish :)
        • Cygnet is the young one of Swan in the same way as fry is the young one of Fish.
  • Young is related to Old in the same way as wide is related to ?
    1. Big
    2. Insufficient
    3. Long
    4. Narrow
    5. None of these
      • The answer is d) Narrow
        • The words in ach pair are antonyms of each other.
  • Tempest is to storm as slim is to ?
    1. Slender
    2. Plump
    3. Fat
    4. Beautiful
    5. Stout
      • The answer is 1) Slender
        • First is of higher intensity than the second

Note : Have a look at the following figure. 

To be frank there is NO relation between the first and second pics. But they are similar in shape. So, logically they are similar. The main purpose of posting this picture here is, you should scan all options perfectly and think twice before answering the questions belong to Analogy. As the answer first strikes in your mind may not be correct and there might be another logic behind the question. Do well and don't lose marks in this area. All the best.

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  1. wow very nice to understand by simple way thanks

  2. The post is nice...but the level is easy. IBPS nowadays choosing the toughest possible questions. Please provide latest pattern questions. Thanks :)

  3. The level is very easy. Please provide the latest pattern question asked in IBPS. Thanks :)

    1. This post is for the new learners of Analogy Archana. Thats the reason why we've made it lil easier... You can get the latest pattern of questions asked in IBPS Clerks in the Previous Papers section of IBPS Clerks Material above. Plz do check. Thanks for the comment :)

  4. ya the level is easy :):)

  5. Here are some words translated from an artificial language.
    agnoscrenia means poisonous spider
    delanocrenia means poisonous snake
    agnosdeery means brown spider
    Which word could mean "black widow spider"?
    A. deeryclostagnos B. agnosdelano
    C. agnosvitriblunin D. trymuttiagnos

    the right ans is C but how? plz help me......

    1. Simple logic Rashmi...

      Study line 1 and line 3 once.

      Agnoscrenia means POisonous spider, Agnosdeery means brown Spider.

      Spider is common word in both rite? So obviously Agnos represent spider in this sentence.

      and from line 1 and 2 we can find that crenia represents poisionous. So from line 2 delano means snake.

      now check Answer options. According to above data options B and C are adequate. But you can strike off option B because you already know that agnos+delano means poisonous snake. SO answer will be option C.

    2. Got this same question in IIFT 2013... I did correct.. :-)

  6. can u please give some practice papers in this topic?

  7. many many thanksssss.................

  8. Thanks Mam.Very nice...

  9. HI
    i am preparing for ibps PO 2014. can u plz provide all the materials in pdf format...
    some of the materilas i am not able to copy

  10. good work ,but plzzzzzz try to give some more question.

  11. I like the simple way explanation!!!!!!!

  12. plz provide some more examples in this topic mam...

  13. simply super thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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