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June 03, 2013

Great Ambitionz or Gr8AmbitionZ ???

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Welcome to India's top educational website Gr8AmbitionZ friends. Increasing popularity brought us some new problems. We came to know that some cheaters have created some misleading sites with names like and We have already filed legal complaints against those copy cats. And we are sure Google will take care of them.  So don't be misguided friends. Please keep our name Gr8AmbitionZ in mind while searching.

Why  did they created ???

Simple logic. To keep things simple and unique we have named it Gr8AmbitionZ. But in pronunciation it just sounds as "Great AmbitionZ". So if you tell somebody the name, maximum chances are there for them to type in google search. Which will lead them to that copycat's website. So don't be misleaded friends. Thanks for reading this. Team


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