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June 03, 2013

Coding and Decoding Questions and Answers


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Friends, in our last post we have discussed basic shortcut techniques of Coding - Decoding section of Reasoning (read that post here). Today we shall discuss some example problems of Coding and Decoding with detailed explanations. 

Practice problems of Coding and Decoding

1. If the word "DIAGRAM" is coded as "AGDMIRA", then the word "PICTURE" can be coded as ?
  1. rpteiuc
  2. ctpeiur
  3. rtpeuic
  4. ctpriuc
  5. rpteicu
Approach : The letters of the given word are written in a jumbled order to give us the word in the coded form. We need to find out the manner in which they have been jumbled. If you keenly observe the given words, the first letter of the word D has been used as the 3rd letter in the code. So, for the word PICTURE, the first letter P will have to be the third letter in the code. This eliminates choices (1) and (5), Then, the second letter I is used as the third from the last and that is not happening in choice (3). So, we now have choice (2) and (4). 
coding and decoding reasoning shortcuts

Since there are two As in the given word, let us leave aside A for the time being and look at some of the other letters. If we take the last letter M, it comes as the fourth letter in the code. SO, E in the word PICTURE should come as the fourth letter in the code. This leaves us only choice (2). So the correct answer is option (2). 

Note : Here, suppose even this has not given us a unique choice, we would then look at the remaining letters too.

2. If the word "CODING" is represented as DPEJOH, then the word "CURFEW" can be represented as
  1. dvsgfx
  2. dvshfx
  3. dgshfx
  4. dtsgfy
  5. dysgff
Approach : Each letter in the given word "CODING" is replaced by the letter that immediately follows it in the English alphabet. Hence, the correct choice is option (1)

3. if "ASHTRAY" is coded as "DVKWUDB", then what does the word "UDQFLG" in that code mean?
Approach : If we replace each letter of the word "ASHTRAY" by a letter which is three letters to the right of it in the alphabet, then we get "DVKWUDB". So, to find out the word whose code is "UDQFLG", we replace each letter in the code by a letter which comes three places behind in the alphabet. We then get "RANCID" as the word. Option (5).

4. If "RAJESH" is coded as "SZKDTG", then "PRANESH" should be coded as 
Approach :The first letter is shifted by one alphabet forward, the second by one alphabet backward, the third by one forward and so on... So, the word "PRANESH" will be coded as "QQBMFRI" which is option (3).

5. If "PROMPT" is coded as QSPLOS, then "PLAYER" should be coded as
  1. qmbzfs
  2. qmbxfq
  3. okzxfq
  4. qmbfqx
  5. omzxfq
Approach : The first half of the word has the letters being moved back by one letter in the alphabet and the second half of the word has the letters being moved forward by one letter in the alphabet.  So, option (2).
6. If in a certain code, the number 1 is assigned to all letters in the even places in the alphabet and the number 2 is assigned to all letters in the odd places in the alphabet, then the code for the word ALPHABET will be
  1. 21112121
  2. 21121221
  3. 21111221
  4. 21112211
  5. 21212121
Approach : An easy way to do these sort of problems is to Just remember the place values of the alphabets so that it will be easier for you to solve these type of problems. Read shortcut techniques to remember place values of alphabets from here.

According to above link, ALPHABET can be written as

A -- > 1 (Odd Number) so we have to assign value 2
L --> 12 (Even Number) so we have to assign value 1
P --> 16  (Even Number) so we have to assign value 1
H ---> 8 (Even Number) so we have to assign value 1
A -- > 1 (Odd Number) so we have to assign value 2
B--> 2  (Even Number) so we have to assign value 1
E--> 5  (Odd Number) so we have to assign value 2
T--> 20  (Even Number) so we have to assign value 1

So the answer is 21112121. Which is option (1).

7. In a certain code, a is represented by 1, b is by 2, c by 3 and so on; then all multiples of 2 are assigned a code of 2 and non-multiples of 2 are assigned a code of 1. In this scheme of coding, what would the word PAPERS be coded as ?
  1. 121212
  2. 212121
  3. 212122
  4. 121211
  5. 212112
Approach : According to place values, the given word PAPERS can be written as

P --> 16 (multiple of 2) so we can write 2
A---> 1 (non multiple of 2) so we can write 1
P ---> 16 (multiple of 2) so we can write 2
E ---> 5 (non multiple of 2) so we can write 1
R---> 18 (multiple of 2) so we can write 2.

So the code will be 21212. Which is option (5).

8. If in a certain code "RANGE" is coded as 12345 and "RANDOM" is coded as 123678, then the code for the word "MANGO" would be
  1. 82357
  2. 84563
  3. 82346
  4. 82347
  5. 82543
Approach : In these type of questions, we cannot get the code for all the letters of the alphabet but we can get the code for the letters of the word "MANGO" which is of interest to us. Take one by one of these letters of the word "MANGO" and look for the code of that specific letter from the words for which the code is already given to us.
Here, in this case, when we observe that R, A and N are the first three letters of both the given words in the same order and the code for both words have 1, 2 and 3 in that order at the begining. Because of lack of any additional information, we then conclude that the code for R is 1, A is 2 and N is 3 and that the letters givne in the code are in the same order as the letters given in the word. Thus, we can make out that the code for MANGO is 82347 on the basis of the code different letters of the word can be given. Choice (3). 

That's all for now friends. In our next post we shall discuss some more hard problems on Coding and Decoding. All the best and Happy Reading :)


  1. Too easy.
    Mam pls provide short trick how to solve "blood relation" type qustion!

    1. Already updated Dinesh. Check in "Reasoning Shortcuts" section above. We are working on more practice problems, you can get them by June 2nd week.

      All the best.

    2. to any one who is reading please correct the mistakes in ? no 4.7.8 thankx cheers

  2. there are errors in qstn no. 4,7 and 8.. please check

    1. We will check them and update if there are any errors Aman. Thank you so much for the suggestion.

    2. Mistakes are still there. Question number 5, 7 and 8.

  3. plse check anwsr of 5 . isnt dat qmbxdq

  4. thanks ... but i want more questions

  5. Please solve this
    In a certain code language the word HOARDING is written as 23191321 and LIMERICK is written as 21182714. How will
    the word SUITABLE be written in that language?

  6. in problem 7 option 2 is correct I think.....that is 212121

    1. Yes, absolutely.. PAPERS.. S should not be excluded!

  7. in question 8 ans willbe 4 not 3

  8. Question number 7's answer should be Option number 2.. as it is PAPAERS and u've solved the answer for PAPER..
    and Option 5 is 212112.....

  9. I think you have a typo in solution of 6. I think the answer is be (2). Am I missing something?


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