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February 05, 2013

Questions Asked in LIC ADO Exam Held on 03-02-2013

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Friends, here are the Current Affairs questions asked in LIC ADO Exam held on 3rd February 2013. These questions are shared by our readers Ramya , Srinivas Mule and another reader. We are very thankful to them on behalf of our reders for sharing and we wish them good luck in the exam.

1.Germany dollar-euro
2. which person elected as rajya sabha member belongs to sports-sachin
3.which country is largest oil reserve-saudi
4.Bhupen hazarika belogs to which category-music & singer
5.what is gdp rate of 12th five year plan-8.2%
6. which city has most populus according to 2011 census-mumbai
7. which is the biggest masjid-jama
8. salarjung museum is located in-hyderabad
9. which country won world kabbadi championship-india
10. nelson mandela belongs to which country-south africa
11. by use of google india's rank
12.what is the maximum amount tax exemption for RGSY
13. what is the term of cheif election commissioner-6 years or up to the age of 65 years
14.what is meant by life insurance
15. GIPSA belongs to-general insurance
16. 3 questions on lic
17.which is famous in branded company
18.which is in top position in shopping options are big bazar,reliance mart etc
19.chairperson of national knowledge commission-sam pitrodia

Shared by Ramya

The questions asked on 3.2.2013 morning shift are as follows:
Japan pm name-
Largest importer in the world- germany,china,us,japan
Pt.Ravi shankar from which field- musician,singer,etc
Largest retail store in india-spencer,reliance fresh,big bazaar,etc
Insurance policies are given by- ecdc,(not sure abt the options)
Olympics for blind hosted by which country-bangladesh,china,india(opt nt sure)
Aap ke paise aap ke haath-direct cash transfer,swabhalamban,etc
Which river flows through nasik-godavari,ganga,hoogly,etc
Full form of crr in insurance field-cash reserve ratio,other 3 dnt rem
Who takes the charge when both prez and vp seat is vacant-pm,chief justice,home minister,etc
Education is compulsory upto age-14yrs,12yrs,16yrs,10yrs
Poverty lowered by what % in 2012-13- 12%,20%,10%
World aids day-dec1,dec31,jan1,jan31
Eternal india written by-indira gandhi,sonia gandhi,rajiv gandhi,jawaharlal nehru
Out of these which doesnot suppport life insurance-bajaj alliannz,sahara india,new india assurance,icici prudential
Which of these not related to insurance-cap money,floor money.Other two dont remember
Head of cabinet commitee on economic affairs- manmohan singh,sonia gandhi,etc
Who died recently

The exam was ok. I attempted all the questions but gk was bit difficult. No expected questions.

Shared by a Friend as Anonymous

Evening Session :

1.Currency of" germany"
2.winner of "kabbadi world cup"
3.chairman of national knowledge commission"
4.winner of "sayed modi int."
5.expected gdp for 12th five year plan
6.tenure of election commissioner
7. country with largest oil reserves
8.nelson mandela belongs to which country ?
9.which cricket player joined the rajya sabha in 2012
10.largest mosque in India?
11."salar jung museum located at which city?
12.most populous city in india
13.legendary musician and singer: bhupen hazarika
14.planning commission works under which dept.?
15.india 's rank in using google
16. writter of "malvikagnimitram"
17. right to property is which type of right?
5 questions related to insurence sector

6. 6 Y OR 65 YEARS

Shared by Srinivas Mule

Please share your views on the paper in the comments section below... All the Best....
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