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August 01, 2019

List of Important Operations 2019 Recently in News

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Hi friends, I am Jagdeep Singh. Today I am sharing the latest list of Important Operations of Indian Government which are recently in news. This list is very very important for all upcoming competitive exams. Happy Reading :)

Important Operations Recently in News 2019

  • Operation Bandar - Balakot strike
  • Operation Khumaar - J&k (drug free panchayat)
  • Operation Milap -by Delhi police to rescue 333 children
  • Operation Sankalp - Indian navy (in gulf og Oman and Persian gulf)
  • Operation Smile -Hyd police for 325 children rescued.
  • Operation Sudarshan - BSF (border security force) to secure 100m border from Pakistan
  • Operation Sunrise - Between the armies of India & Mayanmar
  • Operation Support - By India for people suffering from Idi Strom in Mozambique
  • Operation Swift Retort - Pakistan strike after operation Bandar
  • Operation Thirst - RPF To healthy drinking water

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