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March 15, 2019

15th March 2019 Hindu Editorial Vocabulary - PDF Download

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 15th March 2019. You can download PDF Version of the editorials and meanings from below link. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on titles to read Editorials from THE HINDU News Paper

  • Keep up - to continue to do something
  • Persuasive  - good at making people agree to do or believe what you want them to
  • Diplomacy - the profession or skill of preserving or creating friendly relationships between countries
  • Setback - a problem that delays or that stops progress or makes a situation worse
  • Reality check - an occasion that causes you to consider the facts about a situation and not your opinions, ideas, or beliefs
  • Dossier - a set of documents about a person or situation
  • Sanction - an official order to stop communication, trade, etc with a country that has broken international law
  • Airbase - a military airport
  • Foil - to prevent someone from doing something that they are trying to do
  • Veto - to officially refuse to approve or allow something
  • Despite - used for saying that something happens even though something else might have prevented it
  • Summit - a meeting or series of meetings between leaders of two or more countries
  • Concern - a feeling of worry about something, especially one that a lot of people have about an important issue
  • Cross-border - going across a border between two countries
  • Emanate - to come from a particular place
  • Regrettable - making you feel sad or sorry because something happened that you wish had not happened
  • Condemn - to say publicly that you think someone or something is bad or wrong
  • Consistent - not changing in behaviour, attitudes, or qualities
  • Fait accompli - something that has already been done and cannot be changed
  • Coercion - the use of force or threats to make someone do something
  • Concerted - involving a lot of people or organizations working together in a determined way
  • Counterproductive - having the opposite result to the one you intended
  • Unlikely - not likely to happen
  • Import - a product from another country, that is bought with money from your country
  • Punitive - relating to or causing punishment or great difficulty
  • Yield - to produce something useful such as information or evidence
  • Bilateral - a bilateral agreement or activity is one that involves two groups or countries
  • Spokesperson - someone whose job is to officially represent an organization, for example in dealing with journalists
  • Dialogue - a process in which two people or groups have discussions in order to solve problems
  • Bigger picture - a whole or complete situation, including all the things that it affects, not just one part of it
  • Enforce - to make sure that a law or rule is obeyed by people
  • Unencumbered - without responsibilities or problems
  • Substantive - important or serious, or referring to the most important or serious issues
  • Threatening -  showing or saying that someone is likely to do something that will harm you
  • Leverage - the power to make someone do what you want
Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "Horror in Pollachi: on sexual assault case"
  • Horror - a very strong feeling of shock, fear or disgust caused by something extremely unpleasant
  • Assault - a physical attack on someone, or the crime of physically attacking someone
  • Blackmail - to make someone give you money or do what you want by threatening to tell people embarrassing information about them
  • Pursue - to follow a course of activity
  • Swiftly - quickly or immediately
  • Guilty - someone who is guilty has committed a crime
  • Bring someone to book - to punish someone, or to make them explain their behaviour publicly when they have done something wrong
  • Rightful - officially or legally accepted as right or correct
  • Swiftly - quickly or immediately
  • Unravel - to understand something complicated by thinking about it for a long time
  • Racket - an illegal activity that makes money
  • Victimise - to treat someone in a deliberately unfair way
  • Sexual harassment - the offensive or threatening behaviour of a person who regularly makes sexual comments or touches someone in a sexual way
  • Accused - a specific person that is accused of a crime in a court of law
  • Piteous  - a piteous sound, expression, or situation makes you feel sympathy for someone or something
  • Abuser - someone who treats another person in a cruel, violent, or unfair way
  • Uncover - to find out about something that has been hidden or kept secret
  • Mere - only / just
  • Tip of the iceberg - a problem or difficult situation that shows that a much more serious problem exists
  • Obvious - clear to almost anyone
  • Allege - to say that something is true or that someone has done something wrong or illegal, even though this has not been proved
  • Outrage - a strong feeling of anger and shock at something that you feel is wrong or unfair
  • Ensue - to happen after something else, often as a result of it
  • By-elections - an election in one particular area to choose a new representative in parliament or on a council, or to replace someone who has died or left the job
  • Around the corner - coming very soon
  • Accentuate - to emphasize something, or to make it more noticeable
  • Privacy - the freedom to do things without other people watching you or knowing what you are doing
  • Victim - someone who has been harmed, injured, or killed as the result of a crime
  • Confidentiality - a situation in which important information must be kept secret
  • Concern - a feeling of worry about something, especially one that a lot of people have about an important issue
  • Wash your hands of - to say or show that you do not want to be involved with someone or something and that you are not responsible for them
  • Probe - an attempt to find out the truth about an issue, problem, or accident, made by an official group or by a newspaper, television programme etc
  • Anonymity - a situation in which the name of a person who does something such as write a book or give information is not known or is kept secret
  • Morality - principles of right or wrong behaviour
  • Articulate - to express thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively
  • Gravity -  the seriousness or importance of something
  • Refrain from - to stop yourself from doing something. This word is often used in official announcements or signs
  • Heinous - a heinous act or crime is extremely evil
  • Confidentiality - a situation in which important information must be kept secret

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