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December 05, 2018

India's Heaviest Satellite GSAT11 (5,854 kg) successfully launched

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The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) today successfully launched GSAT-11 from the European Spaceport in French Guinana. Arianespace’s Ariane-5 rocket successfully lifted off with communication satellite Gsat-11 and South Korean geo satellite Geo-Kompsat-2A.

Weighing at 5,854 kg GSAT-11 is India's heaviest satellite. It has cost about Rs. 600 crore. It is Nicknamed as the "Big Bird". This launch was the second attempt after ISRO's first bid failed in May earlier this year.

Gsat-11 is a high-throughput satellite that carries 40 transponders in the Ku-band and Ka-band frequencies and is capable of “providing high bandwidth connectivity” with up to 14 gigabit per second (GBPS) data transfer speed. The satellite’s designed lifetime is more than 15 years.

The satellite will help provide satellite-based internet to remote places where cable-based internet cannot reach.

"GSAT-11 is the next generation high throughput communication satellite that will play a vital role in providing broadband services across the country. It will also provide a platform to demonstrate new generation applications," Dr K Sivan, ISRO chief said.

The GSAT-11 is equivalent to the combined power of almost all communications satellites sent into orbit by India.

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