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November 26, 2018

Interview Experience of IBPS RRB VII (Scale II - IT Officer) : Balachandar

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Name : Bala Chandar A

: Scale II - IT Officer

Interview Location
: Sri Vidya College of Engg and Tech, Virudhunagar (Pandyan Grama Bank HQ)

: 20th November 2018

: 1 PM Batch

Certificate verification started at 1.15 p.m. Till 3 p.m it went. We asked to assemble as our panel wise (mentioned in admit card).

My interview started at 4.45 p.m. It went till 5 p.m (15 mins)

Totally 5 panel members were there. (M1 Female, M2, M3,M4 AND M5 are Males)

Started with self introduction question by M4 (He told me to explain in a nutshell manner)
I explained.

M1 asked all questions related to technical part.

Questions are What is E-Banking, What is Shell progtamming, Computer networks and types, Topologies
(She expected much detailed concepts with technical terms).

As much I known I explained her.

M5 asked what is Disinvestment?
I answered little bit.

M4 asked programming fundamentals, systems softwares (compilers, interpreters)

I explained.

Finally they concluded my interview

I wished them with thank you sirs and madam.

Waiting for final results..

Please pray for me and bless me friends

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