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October 01, 2018

27th September 2018 Hindu Editorial Vocabulary - PDF Download

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 27th September 2018. Happy reading :)

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Hindu Editorial Topic : "Aadhaar survives"
  • Survive -  to continue to exist, especially in a difficult or dangerous situation
  • Pragmatic - involving or emphasizing practical results rather than theories and ideas
  • Excesses - behaviour that you consider to be wrong because it is too extreme
  • Marginalise - to make someone or something seem not important or relevant
  • Fierce - very angry, or ready to attack
  • Unanimous - a unanimous decision, vote, agreement etc is one that everyone agrees with and supports
  • Privacy - the freedom to do things without other people watching you or knowing what you are doing
  • Gain ground - to become more successful, popular, or accepted
  • Vulnerable - a thing, person, or place that is vulnerable is easy to attack
  • In the face of something - in a situation where you have to deal with something unpleasant or difficult
  • Scrutiny - careful examination of someone or something
  • Sceptic - someone who has doubts about things that other people think are true or right
  • Detractor - someone who publicly criticizes someone or something
  • Activist - someone who takes part in activities that are intended to achieve political or social change
  • Intrusion - the act of becoming involved in something in a way that is not welcome
  • Byword - if someone or something is a byword for a particular quality, they have a strong reputation for that quality
  • Purported - said by some people to be real or true, but not proved to be real or true
  • Surveillance - the process of carefully watching a person or place that may be involved in a criminal activity
  • Harvest - something that has been collected
  • Exploitation - the process of making use of something so that you gain as much as possible from it
  • Profiling - the process of collecting and examining information about someone or something in order to get an accurate idea of what they are like
  • Stave off - to stop something from happening
  • Essentially - used for emphasizing what is the most important aspect of something or fact about something
  • Transformative - causing great and positive change in someone or something
  • Subsidy - an amount of money that the government or another organization pays to help to reduce the cost of a product or service
  • Bench - the position of being a judge in a court of law
  • Violate - to do something that is in opposition to a law, agreement, principle etc
  • Empower - to give someone more control over their life or more power to do something
  • Procure - to obtain something, especially with effort or difficulty
  • Dignity - respect that other people have for you or that you have for yourself
  • Leverage - to use something that you already have in order to achieve something new or better
  • Uphold - if a court of law upholds something such as a claim, it says that it is correct
  • Mandatory - ordered by a law or rule
  • Intent - the intention to do something
  • Welfare - the health and happiness of people
  • Avail - to obtain or use something
  • Voluntary - a voluntary action is done because you choose to do it, and not because you have to
  • Conceive - to think of something such as a new idea, plan, or design
  • Rampant - existing, happening, or spreading in an uncontrolled way
  • Fraud - the crime of obtaining money from someone by tricking them
  • Morph -  to change from one thing into another by small and interconnected steps
  • Tacit - expressed or understood without being said directly
  • Mandatory - ordered by a law or rule
  • Aspect - a particular part, feature, or quality of something
  • Narrow - limited
  • Framework - a set of principles, ideas etc that you use when you are forming your decisions and judgments
  • Majority - most of the people or things in a group
  • Consolidate - to combine several small things
  • Controversial - a controversial subject, opinion, or decision is one that people disagree about or do not approve of
  • Unconstitutional - not allowed or not legal according to the constitution (=set of official rules or principles) of a particular country or organization
  • Struck down - if a judge or court strikes down a law, they officially end it
  • Extent - the degree to which something happens or is likely to happen
  • Enrol - if you enrol at a school or other institution, or if someone enrols you there, you put your name on the official list of its students or members
  • Oblivious - not noticing something, or not knowing about it
  • Impact - an effect, or an influence
  • Disbanding - if a group of people disbands or is disbanded, its members stop working together
  • For instance - for example
  • Rely on - to trust someone or something to do something for you
  • Statistics - a group of numbers that represent facts or that describe a situation
  • Continuance - the process of continuing
  • For the sake of - in order to help or bring advantage to someone / something
  • Fret - to worry about something continuously
  • Exclude - to deliberately not include something
  • Authentication -  the act of proving or showing that something is real and not false or copied
  • Remedy - a solution to a particular problem
  • Loophole - something that has been left out of a law or legal document that people can use to avoid obeying it
  • Axe - a situation in which a government, a company, or an organization decides to end something or to get rid of a worker or their job
  • Saturation - a situation in which something is so full of a particular type of thing that nothing more can be added
  • Irreversible - impossible to change or bring back a previous condition or situation
  • Perhaps - used for saying that you are not certain about something, or that something may or may not be true
  • Pragmatic - involving or emphasizing practical results rather than theories and ideas
  • Imperative - extremely important and urgent
  • Interpretation - an explanation of the meaning or importance of something
  • Defend - to protect someone or something from attack
  • Bypass - to ignore a rule or official authority
  • Address - to give attention to or deal with a matter or problem
  • Expenditure - money spent by a government, organization, or person
  • Incur - to lose money, owe money, or have to pay money as a result of doing something
  • End-to-end - including all the stages of a process
  • Encryption - the action or process of putting information or data into code so that people who do not have permission cannot read it
  • Underlie - to be the real or basic cause of or reason for something
  • Biometrics - the recording of things such as people’s fingerprints or the appearance of their eye in order to identify them on an electronic system
  • Merit - an advantage or good quality that someone or something has
  • Demerit - a fault or other bad quality
  • Abridge - to reduce someone's freedom, rights, etc
  • Dissent - strong disagreement, especially with what people in authority think or with what the majority of people think
  • Supersede - if one thing supersedes another, it replaces the other thing, especially because it is more modern or more useful
  • Constitute - if something constitutes something else, it is considered to be that thing
  • Debasement - to reduce the value, quality, or status of something
  • Democratic - based on the principle that all people are equal and should be able to share in making decisions
  • Displeasure - the feeling of being annoyed or unhappy
  • Defiance - refusal to obey a person or rule
  • Interim - intended to last or perform an activity only until someone or something permanent or final is available
  • Entitlement - the right to receive something or to do something
  • Account for something - to form the total of something
  • Flaw - a mistake or fault in something that makes it useless or less effective
  • Impermissible - not allowed to be done by a law or rule
  • Consequence - a result or effect of something
  • Abandon - to suddenly leave

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