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September 27, 2018

PM Modi gets UN's highest Environmental Honour

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been awarded with the UN’s highest environmental honour, the 'Champions of the Earth' Award 2018 for his leadership of the International Solar Alliance and pledge to eliminate single use plastic in India by 2022.

The 13-year-old Champions of the Earth award recognizes outstanding leaders from government, civil society and the private sector who have had a positive impact on the environment. So far the award had felicitated 84 laureates - ranging from leaders of nations to grassroots activists – in the categories of policy, science, business and civil society. Along with Modi, five other individuals and organisations were also honored with this prestegious award.

Six of the world’s most outstanding environmental changemakers have been recognised with this year's Champions of the Earth Award.

French President Emmanuel Macron and Modi have been jointly recognised in the Policy Leadership category for their pioneering work in championing the International Solar Alliance and promoting new areas of levels of cooperation on environmental action, including Macron’s work on the Global Pact for the Environment and Modi’s unprecedented pledge to eliminate all single-use plastic in India by 2022. 

Cochin International Airport has also been honoured this year with the award for Entrepreneurial Vision, for its leadership in the use of sustainable energy.

The other recipients of the award include indigenous activist Joan Carling, Food company Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, which develops plant-based substitutes for meat and dairy products, and China’s Zhejiang’s Green Rural Revival Programme

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