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August 03, 2018

3rd August 2018 Hindu Editorial Vocabulary - PDF Download

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 3rd August 2018. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on titles to read Editorials from THE HINDU News Paper

  • Perception - a particular way of understanding or thinking about something
  • Amend - to make changes to a document, law, agreement etc, especially in order to improve it
  • Pragmatism - a practical way of thinking or dealing with problems that emphasizes results and solutions more than theories
  • Defuse - to make a situation more relaxed by making people feel less angry or less worried
  • Prevailing - existing at a particular time or in a particular place
  • Provision - a part of an agreement or law that deals with a particular problem
  • Unavoidable - impossible to stop from happening
  • Arguable - if something is arguable, you are not completely certain whether it is true or correct
  • Dispensation - official permission to do something that people are not normally allowed to do, especially from a religious authority
  • Massive - very large or heavy
  • Protest - a strong complaint or disagreement
  • Verdict - an official judgment made in a court
  • Perceive - to understand or think about something in a particular way
  • Dilute - to make something less strong or effective
  • Constituent - someone who lives in a constituency and is allowed to vote in elections
  • Threaten - to tell someone that you might or you will cause them harm, especially in order to make them do something
  • Goad - to deliberately make someone feel very angry or upset so that they react
  • Anticipatory - relating to the feelings that you get when you are expecting something to happen
  • Preliminary - coming before the main or most important part of something
  • Notwithstanding - despite something
  • Interprete - to understand an action, situation etc in a particular way
  • Alter - to make something or someone different
  • Emphasise - to give particular importance or attention to something
  • Arbitrary - not based on any particular plan, or not done for any particular reason
  • Denial - the refusal to let someone have or do something
  • Compensation - something that changes or removes the bad result of something
  • Safeguard - to protect something or someone from being harmed or having problems
  • Accusation - a claim that someone has done something illegal or wrong
  • Concern - something that worries you
  • Consolidate - to make the power, position, or achievements you already have stronger or more effective so that they are likely to continue
  • Conviction - a decision by a court of law that someone is guilty of a crime
  • Dismally - in a depressed manner
  • Atrocity - a cruel and violent act
  • Vital - very important, necessary, or essential
  • Ostracisation - to avoid someone intentionally, or to prevent someone from taking part in the activities of a group
  • Fair - if a situation is fair, everyone is treated equally and in a reasonable way
  • Trial - the process of examining a case in a court of law and deciding whether someone is guilty or innocent
  • Enforce -to make sure that a law or rule is obeyed by people
  • Dignity - respect that other people have for you or that you have for yourself
  • Disadvantaged - disadvantaged people do not have the same advantages as other people, for example because they do not have much money
  • Unspeakably - used for emphasizing how bad something is and how much it upsets you
  • Abhorrent - if something is abhorrent to you, you dislike it very much, usually because you think it is immoral
  • Discrimination - unfair treatment of someone because of their religion, race, or other personal features
Hindu Editorial Topic 1 : "Discounting logic: on e-commerce policy"
  • e-commerce - the activity of buying and selling goods on the Internet
  • Draft - something such as a plan, letter, or drawing that may have changes made to it before it is finished
  • Echoe - to express the ideas or feelings that someone else has expressed
  • Era - a period of time that has a particular quality or character
  • Putting together - to produce or organize something using many different things
  • Regulatory - a regulatory organization or company controls an activity, process, or industry
  • Framework - a set of principles, ideas etc that you use when you are forming your decisions and judgments
  • Task force - a group of people chosen to deal with a particular problem or situation
  • Think tank - a group of people who work together to produce new ideas on a particular subject
  • Aviation - connected with making or flying planes
  • e-tail - the activity of selling things on the Internet
  • Frenetic - done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry
  • Merger - the process of combining two companies or organizations to form a bigger one
  • Home-grown - a home-grown product, idea, or performer comes from a particular local area or small place
  • Giant - a very large and successful company
  • Swell - sto become larger than normal
  • Fuel - to make something increase
  • Oversee - to watch something in order to check that it works or happens in the way that it should
  • Amendment -  a change made to a law or agreement
  • Rulebook - a book that contains all the rules of an organization or a game
  • Consumer - someone who buys and uses goods and services
  • Overdue - if something is overdue, it should have been done before now
  • Grievance - a complaint about being treated in an unfair way
  • Concern - a feeling of worry about something, especially one that a lot of people have about an important issue
  • Deep pockets - if an organization or person has deep pockets, they have a lot of money
  • Forge - to work hard to achieve something
  • Cohesive - combining well to form a strong well-organized unit
  • Framework - a set of principles, ideas etc that you use when you are forming your decisions and judgments
  • Sunset clause - part of a law or contract that states when it will end, or the conditions under which it will end
  • Regressive - relating to behaviour that is not responsible or controlled
  • Inventory -  the amount of goods a shop has, or the value of them
  • Leaf out - to copy
  • Procurement - the process of buying supplies or equipment for a government department or company
  • Diktat - an official rule that people are forced to obey
  • Monitor - to regularly check something or watch someone in order to find out what is happening
  • Stipulate - to say what is allowed or what is necessary
  • Drive away - to make someone stop wanting something or stop wanting to be with someone
  • Foray - an attempt at doing something new or something that you do not usually do

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