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August 10, 2018

10th August 2018 Hindu Editorial Vocabulary - PDF Download

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 10th August 2018. Happy reading :)

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  • Retreat - to change your ideas, opinion, or decision because of criticism or opposition from other people
  • Sought to - to try to do something
  • Address - to give attention to or deal with a matter or problem
  • Resolution - the action of solving a problem or dealing with a disagreement in a satisfactory way
  • Seek - to ask for something, or to try to get something
  • Legislation - a law, or a set of laws
  • Acknowledgement - something that you say or do in order to show that you accept that something exists or is true
  • Underestimate - to think or guess that something is smaller, less important etc than it really is
  • Extent - the size and importance of a problem or situation 
  • Intensity - strength
  • Opposition -  strong disagreement with a plan or policy, especially when this is shown in active attempts to prevent something
  • Proposed - offered formally as an idea or plan
  • Provision - a part of an agreement or law that deals with a particular problem
  • In particular - especially
  • Debate - a discussion in which people or groups state different opinions about a subject
  • Fiercest - involving very strong feelings such as determination, anger, or hate
  • Criticism - comments that show that you think something is wrong or bad
  • Ultimately - after a process or activity has ended
  • Undoing - to be the cause of someone’s failure
  • Bail-in - the process of saving a bank by making it use up its internal resources first
  • Clause - a part of a legal document or law that officially states that something must be done
  • Essentially - used for emphasizing what is the most important aspect of something or fact about something
  • Dependent - if you are dependent on someone or something, you need them in order to live or succeed
  • Pool - a number of people or a quantity of a particular thing, such as money, collected together for shared use by several people or organizations
  • Credit - an amount of money that you add to an account
  • Elaboration - to give more details or information about something
  • Apprehend - to understand something
  • Hard-earned - earned or achieved only after a lot of effort
  • Partake in - to be involved in an activity
  • Distress - an unpleasant and difficult situation caused by a lack of money, food, or other basic things
  • Strenuous - a strenuous activity is one in which it is necessary for you to use a lot of effort, energy, or strength (determined)
  • Reassure - to make someone feel less worried about something
  • Rationale - the set of reasons that something such as a plan or belief is based on
  • Safeguard - to protect something or someone from being harmed or having problems
  • Exertion - great physical or mental effort
  • Make headway - to make progress with something that you are trying to achieve
  • Comprehensive - including many details or aspects of something
  • Reconsideration - to think again about a decision in order to decide whether you should change it
  • Deem - to consider that someone or something has a particular quality
  • Dispensation -  official permission to do something that people are not normally allowed to do, especially from a religious authority
  • On the verge of something - about to do something or experience something
  • Bust - a complete failure
  • Overstate - to talk about something in a way that makes it seem more important, impressive, or serious than it really is.
  • Contagion - a situation in which feelings or ideas spread very quickly from one person or place to another
  • Pose - to cause something, especially a problem or difficulty
  • Reappraise - an occasion when you consider an attitude or situation again
  • Framework - a set of principles, ideas etc that you use when you are forming your decisions and judgments
  • Bankruptcy - a situation in which a person or business has officially admitted that they have no money and cannot pay what they owe
  • Scenario - a situation that could possibly happen
  • Insolvency - (especially of a company) the condition of not having enough money to pay debts, buy goods, etc., or an occasion when this happens
  • Address - to give attention to or deal with a matter or problem
  • Crucial - something that is crucial is extremely important because it has a major effect on the result of something
  • Aftermath - the effects and results of something bad or important
  • Collapse - to suddenly fail or stop existing
  • Liquidate - to close a business and sell everything that it owns, usually in order to pay money that is owed
  • Anomaly - something unusual, unexpected, or different from what normally happens
  • Roil - to seriously disturb; to throw into confusion
  • Bad loan - a loan which is unlikely to be paid back
  • Erosion - the gradual reduction or destruction of something important
  • Beleaguered - having a lot of problems or criticism to deal with
Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "Kohli’s moment"
  • Curiously - in an unusual and interesting way
  • Apt - very suitable
  • Innings - a period in a cricket match during which one player or one team tries to score runs (=points)
  • Spare - to prevent someone from experiencing an unpleasant, painful, or embarrassing situation or feeling
  • Embarrassment - a feeling of being nervous or ashamed because of what people know or think about you
  • Crushing - very serious
  • Overlapping - if two or more activities, subjects, or periods of time overlap, they have some parts that are the same
  • Statistics - a collection of numerical facts or measurements, as about people, business conditions, or weather
  • Fell short of - to not reach a particular level or to fail to achieve something that you were trying to do
  • Ascent - the process of moving to a higher level or position
  • Juncture - a stage in a process or activity
  • Assert - to state firmly that something is true
  • Dominance - a situation in which one person or thing has more influence or power than any other
  • Abbreviated - shorter because some parts have been removed
  • Despite - used for saying that something happens even though something else might have prevented it
  • Traverse - to move over or across an area
  • Era - a period of time that has a particular quality or character
  • Dismal - very bad
  • Conscious -  noticing that something exists or is happening and realizing that it is important
  • Promptly - immediately
  • Counter - to take action in order to oppose or stop something or reduce its negative effects
  • Revive - to become, or to make something become, active, successful, or popular again
  • Victorious - having won a competition or battle
  • Preserve - to keep an idea, quality, or situation from changing or being lost
  • Manual - a book containing instructions for doing something, especially for operating a machine
  • Crafty - good at getting what you want, especially in a slightly dishonest way
  • Piled up - if something piles up, or if someone piles it up, the amount of it increases a lot
  • Marginally - by only a very small amount
  • Tampering - to touch something that you should not touch, and to change it in some way, often because you want to spoil it
  • Threat - a situation or an activity that could cause harm or danger
  • Fixture - a sports event that happens at a regular time and place
  • Determine - to control what something will be
  • Skipper - someone who is in charge of a team (captain)
  • Seize the moment - to act quickly in order to use an opportunity that may not be available later
  • Reclaim - to get something back that someone has taken from you
  • Mojo - a quality that allows you to be successful and full of energy
  • Draw out - to make something continue longer than usual
  • Claim - to say that something is yours, especially as a right

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