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July 17, 2018

July 2018 : GK & Current Affairs Quiz - Set 5

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India's 2nd largest credit card issuer,  SBI Card recently announced the launch of a virtual assistant for customer support and services. Name it ?

Global Forgiveness Day is observed on ?

Who has been sworn-in as the new Chief Justice of the Hyderabad High Court ?

Prime Minister of Bhutan was on a three-day visit to India. Name him ?

Who has been recently appointed as the Chairman of the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) ?

Which Japanese city has unveiled the world’s first all-digital art museum ?

Which state's high court has recently declared the entire Animal Kingdom, including birds and aquatic animals, as a legal entity having rights of a “living person” ?

Who has been recently appointed as the acting Managing Director of National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) ?

India has recently announced that it is going to develop the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport, which is known as the 'world's emptiest airport'. This airport is located in which island country ?

World Chocolate Day is observed on ?

The Marvel Comics artist who co-created the superhero Spider-Man, was recently passed away. Name him ?

A small town in the United Kingdom will be converted into a twin city of Amritsar in the memory of the last king of the Sikh Empire, Maharaja Duleep Singh. Name it ?

Who has been recently appointed as the Chairman of the National Green Tribunal ?

Who is going to lead the 18-member Indian women’s hockey team at the Asian Games 2018 to be held in Indonesia from August 18 to September 2 ?

The President of South Korea was on his first state visit to India. Name him ?

Who is the Prime Minister of South Korea ?

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